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Ventilation towers on the roof of Casa Milà de...


In Catalonia we have now UNNIM and CATALUNYACAIXA under the control of the Bank od Spain. Once cleaned the Bank of Spain will look for those interested in this caixes (cajas in Castilian)
In THE TELEGRAPH there is an article that says that BARCLAYS may have an eye on some Spanish cajas like for example CAM.

So who knows, maybe in the future UNNIM, CATALUNYACAIXA and other cajas could be in the hands of BARCLAYS. As far as I know SANTANDER, from Spain, also got some British banks some years ago so I do not see reason why it should worry that a foreign bank buys a Spanish caja.

Nonetheless I would prefer that UNIMM and CATALUNYACAIXA were bought by LA CAIXA.

CATALUNYACAIXA owns LA PEDRERA, a GAUDÍ building in center of Barcelona so I want this building to remain in Catalan hands. If possible …


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