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The day of Gilad Shalit

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Today is the day of Gilad Shalit. Media of all the world are writing about his release.

It seems that Egypt was been essential in reaching a deal between Hamas and Israel. So it seems that changes in Egypt are not so bad for Israel as it look some weeks ago when the fire went inside the embassy of Israel in Cairo.

For me it is quite difficult to understand the sap that has taken place. The release of people with blood in their hands seems to me very strange but if Israel has decided so let it be.

Who knows, maybe with the Arab Spring we will have peace at last in that part of the world, just on the other site of the sea that I write next to.

I am happy with the release of this free young man. I am not happy with the release of the ones with blood in their hands. Although I accept of course the decision of Israel to do so.

Maybe people from Hamas they think this is a victory for them. For me it is a victory for Israel because by releasing terrorists with blood in their hands it shows love for their own and forgiveness to the murderers. Only a great nation would do that.

Well, as this post may look too pro Israel let me just say that I support the move of Mahmoud Abbas at the UN in recognition of a Palestine state.


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