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I am sure that I am not the only one that is worried about another strike in Greece. We all know that the eurozone is in crisis and we all know that the problems of Greece to pay its debts  are bringing fear to the eurozone and even to the global economy.

So we all know that the more strikes in Greece the worse to pay the debt back. So it may seem that the best it would be that the Greek people just get to work and did not protest anymore.

After all we are sending money to Greece and if you see that all you get is protest after protest and strike after strike you may wonder if it is a good idea to help Greece.

On the other side I read that these last months rich people from Greece have brought their money to Switzerland.

During years and years the Greek government cheated on the European Union so that it got more and more indebted because we are made to believe that Greece was not in such a bad situation. Now the ones to pay are the citizens of Greece. So maybe it is very understable that they are angry. So it is understable that they protest and maybe even that they strike.

But this situation cannot be good. It cannot be good that Greece needs a bailout from Europe and at the same time its population is so angry. Maybe the problem is that the European money that we give to Greece is not coming to the Greek population. It is just paid to the Greek government to pay the debt to the French and the German banks.

I do not know which is the solution to all this mess but maybe the least one should do is to bring to prison those responsible of cheating to Europe. The people that made all believe that Greek was in a better position that it was are responsible for the French and German banks to buy Greek sovereign debt and are responsible that now the Greek suffer austerity measures.

Some thousands of years ago democracy was born in Greece. That democracy had a big flaw: slaves have no vote. Now the situation is different but I have the feeling that we have the same problem in Greece and elsewhere. THE STATES OF THE WORLD ARE NOR RUNNING PROPERLY! Even if we elect the politicians it is obvious that something fails! This separation between state and its citizens seems to me crazy.

Now it seems as if the governments were the bad guys – the ones who want austerity – and the citizens just hte victims. So I imagine for one time that the government do exactly as the people who protest want. So in the case of Greece this would mean less austerity. At the same time this would mean Europe woudnn’t send money. So there would be a collapse of Greece. So there is something wrong.

Who knows, maybe the best would be that Europe leaves the Greek in peace. If the do not want austerity let them do what they want. The only thing that we have to do is to stop sending money to Greece.

I do not understand anything but all I know that all this strikes and protests in Greece do not send a very optimistic message. This does not mean however that Greek have no reasons to protests. But it would be nice that they realise that at the end, the future of Greece is in Greek hands. Some days ago we just hear that in Portugal the public sector was cutting the 13th and 14th wage. The message you send to the world is quite different.

I do not understand what is happening in Greece. Why did they not put in jail the responsibles of all this mess and their citizens try to protest in a way that they do not do the things go worse?

So let me end by saying that people in Greece who protest with strikes should try to make their message heard around Europe. For now the only impression I get is that they are throwing stones into its own roof. I imagine I maybe wrong but I do not receive another message. Maybe is the media that is own by the devil ..?


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