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It is obvious that Greece needs some austerity because it has a very great debt. But I think that there is the danger that we are asking too much to the Greek people.

I am quite sad that all these last months we have been hearing about austerity and austerity and about debt and debt in Greece.

Greece belongs to the European Union and Greece belongs to the eurozone. And Greece belongs to Europe. As a European I feel that all people in Europe should ask themselves if the Greek people can resist so much austerity.

As we all know it is a very bad situation for Greece but it is not yet for the rest of Europe. If each country looks only to its situation maybe it finds quite bad in comparison with past times but if you compare with Greece most of Europe is much better. So I think that Europe needs to help Greece!

Some may say that we are already helping Greece because we are sending money to Greece. Some may say that the least that the Greek have to do is to be austere so that we can help them.

It is natural that if we send money to Greece we ask austerity but we have to look carefully to what is going on in Greece! Are the Greek noticing that the money sent by Europe? Well, maybe they are just seeing more and more unemployement!

I think it is very necessary that Europe gives to Greece something that is more precious than just money: HOPE!

At the moment I think there is no hope in Greece!

Things have been made in a wrong way in Greece this last decade but now we may also have a Europe that makes a big mistake.

Greece is one of the jewels of Europe. Why? Well, first of all it is a beautiful land. It has wonderful islands. Secondly it has a wonderful history. The Greek sculptures in the British Museum are the best thing I have ever seen! What I mean with all this is that that tiny country called Greece has a lot of worth! Solar energy from Greece could be also a fuure asset of this part of Europe.

Any person that knows a bit of history will realise that a Europe with Greece outside it in some way would lose part of its soul.

Germany is the powerful state of Europe. But I am sure that a lot of German people like the islands of Greece. So,why not to invest in Greece?

I think it is time that somebody talks about new projects of Europe.

Austerity measures to Greece without at the same time having a clear plan that brings hope to Greeks is non-sense!

The US owes a lot of money to China. Can you imagine that China asked to the US citizens the austerity that we are asking now the Greek? Well, you may say that you cannot compare Greece with the US. Yes, it is true, the debt of the US is much bigger.

So, what the hell is making curently Europe in order to bring hope and prosperity in Greece? I am afraid that currently Europe is just asking austerity to the Greek people so that the Greek government can pay back to the French and German banks. Is this the fair Europe we want?

If the eurozone as a whole cannot give hope to Greece is there anybody outside the eurozone that cannot bring hope to Greece?


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