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It is obvious that THE.CAT is a website very proud of Europe so that next to THE.CAT you can read HELLO EUROPE! and I have a lot of posts in support of the euro.

Nonetheless the Galileo project seems to me good only if it is good for the whole planet. If it is just a show-off thing I find it a waste of money.

Now we have the GPS. It is an American system. It is obvious that such an important thing as geolocalization should not be only in American hands but I wonder if it had not been possible for Europe just to join the GPS.

Well, maybe I am wrong but once a teacher told me it was worthless to make a programme that had already been done. It was better to create a new programme. So the American made the GPS. Is is not possible now for the rest of the world join it instead of creating another system.

Anyway, maybe the world needs more than one system and then Europe is acting in the right direction. In this case I am sorry to put doubts in this new project. I just wanted to point out that I only support European projects that are really necessary to the world and not just projects to show off. That would not be wise.


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