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First of all, let me apologise to any reader for writing from the eurozone. I just happened to be born in what it is now known as the eurozone and I must admit that I still live and write from the eurozone. So, please forget me for writing from one of the 17 states of the eurozone. You know, nobody is perfect. Anyway, I promise to go as soon as I can to the other lands where the evil euro is far away so that everything is perfect and no cut, austerity and debt is known.

Once that said, and in contrast with other voices from the eurozone, I must say that I am quite happy with the announcement of THE WOLFSON ECONOMICS PRIZE.

But let me tell first about this new prize. The owner of NEXT, in the UK (where else? ) has had the idea to give a prize to the one who is able to find a way of a painless death of the euro.

So imagine that you are a person that has an illness. Let me call you EURO. You just have an illness. Then imagine that somebody comes to you and tells you: “Hello! my friend Euro, do not worry! I do not want your death. You can count on me! I have open a prize so that people around the world can look for a way of helping you to improve.” Well, somebody with a prize like this would seem a nice person. Instead imagine another person that comes to visit you and says: “Hello! my friend Euro. I hope you do not die but in anycase I have created a price so that you can die at peace so that you won’t suffer and you won’t make suffer the ones next to you”

Well, as you can say I see The Wolfson Economics Prize as an example of very bad taste. So, why I say that I am happy then with this prize?

Let me explain: the one that is writing this post is just a little part of the euro. Let’s say that I am just acell of the body that Wolfson want to get a painless death. So I am happy with Wolfson because the more I hear about the death of the Euro the stronger I get against the death of the euro.

It is obvious that I am just a little cell of the euro body but the euro has milion of cells. And with Wolfson Prizes it is obvious that we will fight to the end.

The British are very proud of their pound. I am very proud of the euro. And the more people want their death the more I feel part of it.

So thanks to Mr Wolfson for making the euro a bit stronger. With your prize you make more people in the eurozone ready to fight for our common currency.

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  1. Perhaps everyone should exit the Euro as it might be time for the Euro II?

    What if we could wake up and find a Euro II, with all European governments, having given their creditors exactly the same haircut, for instance 40 percent, and having used the excessive hair-cuts to compensate for the insufficient haircuts.

    Why not? The bank regulations that allowed European banks to lend to Greece against only 1.6 percent capital, and which of course helped to push Greece’s excessive debts, were not just a Greek idea but a shared European one.

    And if thereafter Europe helps to avoid a repeat… like for instance requiring banks to put up exactly the same capital when lending to a European sovereign as these have to put up when lending to a European small business or entrepreneur… could we all not wake up, hurting a lot, but at least looking immediately forward to a better future?

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