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I feel dismayed.

The UK is in a very bad situation with big austerity measures. The eurozne is too in a very bad situation with cuts and fears from Greece and beyond. The whole world is watching the eurozone to see what happens.

And now, amid this terrible moment of European history comes the talk of a referendum in the UK about quitting the European Union. It is obvious that I am not against a referendum anywhere because it is a sign of democracy but let me say that the timing could not be worse.

I think there is the thread we get two Europes. That is very dangerous and could be the door to new wars in the future.

I feel much closer to the views of Angela Merkel. Her idea of taxing financial transactions seems to me to be a very good argument. The idea too that the countries inside the eurozone act in a more responsible way seems to me very logical. Nobody is talking about Spain, Italy or Greece speaking German! We are just talking about doing the things in a right way. And I know, for personal experience, that the Germans are good at that, so I feel quite happy that the eurozone becomes “more German” in the sense of more efficient.

The only solution I see for the eurocrisis is for the eurozne to remain calm and together. It is going to be hard and the winds from the Finantial Times and the American rating agencies will blow harder and harder. But if we resist then we will leave the storm in a stronger position.

It is intriguing the way different countries act to a financial uncertainty: Germany acts by looking partners in the eurozone for a solution. On the other hand the UK seems to act by just walking alone.

Some say in the UK that the euro has been a flaw since the start. Well, in that case, the UK should be in a very good position right now because it was one of the few big countries of Europe to opt out. But as far as I know Germany is in a better shape than the UK so that the euro is not such a bad idea.

When you see all this of the eurocrisis it may seem quite traumatic but at the same time this eurocrisis is such a source of thought. All these last weeks I have been thinking about individuality versus cooperation. Decades ago we always hear about a country in war with another and so on. Now we hear about countries helping each other. It is true that we are in the eurozone inside a drama. But just because we are in a drama we also can give the best of us! These days Sarkozy and Merkel have done the things better or worse but they have talked about cooperation between countries. They have agreed, they have disagreed. With all the mistakes that they have done it is clear that something will be learnt from all this.

Meanwhile, Mr Cameron has remained as an isolated figure just crossing its finger that the eurocrisis does not end in eurodrama.

I already said some time ago that now it would be a perfect time for the UK to enter the euro. It would be a wonderful time because by doing that the UK would gain the inconditional love of milions of people from the eurozone. Secondly the UK by doing that could have a more important role worldwide. At the same time it could impose severe conditions for doing that. Anyway, if people in the UK do not want to join there is nothing to do. But I am sure that the more united the countries of this part of the world the beter for all of us.

So, I just hope that the UK does not leave the EU. A lot of people from the EU live in London and a lot of British citizens live across Europe. I wonder what may happen to all these people. Who knows, in the future we have a UK that is outside the EU and then afterwards we just have England, Wales, Scotland each on its own. Nothing to say.



  1. Sue

    1) The citizens of the UK were never given a choice on whether to join the EU.
    The only time they voted was in 1975 for the EEC which was a “trading agreement”.

    2) The “timing” is irrelevant. This issue has been on the table for at least the
    last 25 years.That’s 25 years, UK Citizens have been refused the right to decide for ourselves. That’s 25 years we have been denied our democracy!

    3) Of course Germany has done well with the Euro. It was the strongest country and could therefore export it’s products cheaply. Ask any Spaniard or Greek and once they got the Euro, they’re prices went sky high thanks to Germany!

    4) We have way too many extra people for such a small country as the UK now. We are running out of homes (the latest suggestion is to force Senior Citizens to sell their large homes). Our schools are overcrowded with children that don’t speak English. Our hospitals can no longer run efficiently and our social benefits bill takes up at least at third of government income. Perhaps if Germany were to take the biggest share of immigrants from outside the EU, it would be fairer. You are richer and so much larger than us.

    5) We are the second biggest contributor to the EU and we get nothing back but rules and regulations.

    6) Movement of workers and trade can be achieved without Brussels. Brussels and the EU cost the citizens of Europe too much money. Money that could be spent on better things.

    7) Don’t worry though. Cameron will not give us a referendum, He loves the EU. Rights that we have enjoyed for over 500 years and that our ancestors fought for, have been trampled into the ground.

    The UK will never join the Euro, it would be political suicide for any party that suggested it. Yes, we like to be independent, what’s the matter with that? Do not take it for granted that everybody is a socialist. We used to be a very competitive nation like Germany. The spark has been kicked out of Britons by a corrupt Parliament and the EU. Britons value their freedom above all else.

    Lastly, do not be fooled into thinking the EU is for citizens. It’s a political construct meant to serve bankers, corporations and politicians. These are the only people that matter.

    If the EU valued your/our opinion, each country would be asked if they wanted to stay in the EU.


  2. Chris ⋅

    Sorry old son, I wish all in the Euro zone well but I and the majority here do not want to be part of a political union, we never have wanted it. I personaly don’t believe we would be economicaly worse off if we left but to be honest I no longer care if we are – I want out at any price, whatever it costs.

  3. Thank you very much Sue and Chris for your comments. I think that with the currents winds maybe it is not even necessary for the UK to leave the EU. Maybe the EU collapses itself before.

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