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Iveta Radičová

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European Council, 1st Day, Brussels, 23-24 June
Image by European Council via Flickr

Hurricanes get different names. I wonder if we could do the same for the eurocrisis summits so that we could remember them in an easier way.

For example, this weekend will be remembered because it has an extra summit on Wednesday. This is beginning to seem more a part of a comedy than a European summit.

I would love to be in one of these summits! I would like to knwo how are they prepared, what they ate, how they travel. And I even may be interested in the talk.

One of the things I would like to know is how a meeting between Merkel and Sarkozy unfolds. It would be precious that a meeting between them was recorded and then in some years time released!

I wonder in which language do they speak. Do they have translators? Do they use English as a lingua franca?

Unfortunately the media show little of all this that I want to know and they just tell us economic news. It is obvious that the economic news related to the summit are the news to be waited but Sarkozy is a human being, Merkel is a human being and a lot of Europeans are human beings so we may be interested in other things.

In fact the fact that I want to know the feeling betwen Sarkozy and Merkel is not just because I want to know too much. I wan tto know that because if there is a good feeling I would go to sleep more relaxed! After all I live inside the eurozone.

Anyway, I will try in THE.CAT to follow this next summit of this weekend and Wednesday as if it was a film festival with celelebrities. I will try to write about the dresses, the looks, the feelings. I hope Angela and Nicolas, the father (congratulations!), help me to do that …


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