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In the newspapers we always read about serios decisions taken by Sarkozy and Angela Merkel. Nespapers tell us the problems with the euro and the different solutions that Sarkozy and Merkel give.

But there is something very practical that I would like to know and that I do not find in the newspapers. We all know that Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel meet ver oft. In fact the other day Sarkozy could not even stay in Paris while his daughter was born!

I know that for Germans it is important that Angela Merkel stays in Berlin and for the French it is important that Nicolas Sarkozy stays in Paris. But as the eurocrisis gets more serious I just wonder if it would not be a good idea that Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy stayed in some houses next to their borders!

It can seem foolish that Angela Merkel has to change Berlin for a house just in the border with France but I find crazy that they should travel so often! It is obvious that if they are the ones who have to solve the eurocrisis they must live closer!

Anothe possibility is for Sarkozy to go to live in Berlin for 15 days and then Merkel to live in Paris for 15 days. Maybe I am wrong but they are losing time with so many trips and with so much encounters it gives the impression that something is wrong. It is obvious that France and Germany have now a lot to discuss so you need to be together: THAT’S THE REAL MEANING OF EUROPE!

In any normal situation the people responsible to take decisions live in the same city! If you take into account that the subject is so serious the more reason for Angela and Nicolas to be closer!

It is not fair that the future of Europe is just decided by two people but in any case if this is the case then the less we should hope is that these two people do not see them in a hurry as they have been doing these last months.

The situation is so urgent that maybe what we need is that Angela Merkel and Sarkozy choose someone to run Germany and France for a time while they live near each other and try to solve the eurocrisis!

Here there is something that should be changed! If it is too much for Sarkozy and Merkel to concentrate on the eurocrisis then we need a total change in the way that Europe is run. But the curent way seems from the Medieval Ages!

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