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This Thursday ETA has announced its farewell to its arms. This historical good news should make me happy but instead it makes me sad because now all the moments of my life related to ETA have come to my mind like in a flashback. Terrible images on TV from a killing in Madrid comes to me. But I remember it was not the only one. Then I remember the killings in the years of 1992 in Barcelona. And I remember some military musicians that were killed. I also remember someone who knew someone who had a neighbour that had been killed. I also remember to be afraid to walk through certain places of Barcelona.

The end of ETA has brought to me the remembering of the last decades. It is a terrible thing to remember. I just have remembered too the summer bombs in touristic places.

So I wish I could feel happy because of the end of ETA but I cannot forget all the suffering that has flooded these last decades.

Anyway, it is nice to see that even the worst nightmares seem to have an end.

I would not like to end by remembering Mr Aznar and Mr Zapatero. Mr Aznar is a man that has some ideas that I cannot agree at all. I must admit I do not like him. For me his ideas are very extreme ones. But tonight it is a good moment to remember that he was a victim of ETA. Unfortunately in this part of the world left and right are so opposed that maybe we forget that and just see Mr Aznar as a politician we dislike a lot (or like a lot). I also want to remember Mr Zapatero because the end of ETA has happened during his presidency.

I feel it is sad to see Aznar and Zapatero as just opposite politicians. Maybe it is time to try to soften things and see Mr Aznar as the one who suffered a terrorist attack of ETA and Mr Zapatero as the next president that made possible that ETA had an end. What I mean is that Mr Aznar and Mr Zapatero should be friends someday. At least they will be remembered by the way they had to deal with ETA.

And with respect to the Basque Country I just want to say that it is a wonderful place. Without ETA I only can imagine the Basque Country as one of the best places to live in the world. Donostia is one of the most beautiful cities I have even seen. The Basque people not only have a incredible unique language called Euskera. They also speak Castilian in a way that makes Castilian sound super gorgeous. I imagine it is the Basque accent.

My best regards to the family of Ernest Llull. Unfortunately he and about 800 people more won’t see this end of ETA because ETA murdered them.

A new chapter opens in now. Let’s hope new generations live it in a better way than the current ones.



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