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Some years ago I was far away from Europe. As I walked through a street of a big city there was a women selling food on the street as it is quite usual in that big city. Shw was an old woman. At one point I told her I was coming from Barcelona and she told me she was coming from Greece. When she told me so I felt quite sad because I remebered how beautil the south of Europe is with its sunny skies and its Mediterranean forests touching its beaches. I knew that this woman was coming from a very beautiful land and I felt sad that she had had to leave its wonderful country to sell food in the polluted strets of a grey big city.

I say that because thanks to that woman that I met outside Europe I realise I had something in common with Greece. It is true that I feel closer to Italy because of the language but when I think of Greece I always imagine its forests and I cannot stop seeing the south of Europe just as an enormous Mediterranean sunny forest surrounded by beaches.

Thousands of years ago the Greek came to the currently Catalan coast. The founded cities like the one in AmpordĂ . In the Middle Ages for sometime the Catalan army even conquered Athens!

So for me Greece is not just the land where democracy is born. For me Greece is not just the land that created the incredible wonderful sculptures that now one can see in the British Museum. For me Greece is special because I know that in Greece they also have sun and also have beautiful beaches.

Italy and Greece are for me very special lands. Very very special.

So when I hear that the Greek are having so much trouble I feel that it is time to return back all that Greece has given to me. If Italians are my brothers, the Greek are my cousins.

Each land in Europe can offer to the rest of Europe and the world a different thing. Germany can offer us a right way of handling things. Greece can offer us beauty. When you live in a house it is nice to live in a beautiful house but it is also necessary that you administer the money in a right way. What I mean is that a house without Greece would lack something. And the same would happen with without Germany.

So, I feel that we should help Greek people to become a prosperous country! And I am not talking about help from the IMF, EU, etc. I am just talking about the help from the rest of the citizens.

I do not know how people from Japan or Brazil may feel about Greece. I only know that for me the suffering of Greek people touches me because for me Greece is part of a dream and I feel close to Greece.

I think it is time that the people of South Europe wake up and help each other. It is not possible that we are so dependent on the cold part of Europe. I am not saying that we should go on our own. I also love Germany! But my love for Greece is different because my love to Greece comes from a love to the Mediterranean climate and forests and smells that we shared!

I do not know how to help Greek people anyway. The only thing I can do is to write posts like this and tell to the world how beautiful Greece is.

The most amazing place in London for me it is the part of the British Museum with the sculptures from Athens. A land that was able to make such a wonderful art more than two thousands years ago will always make me put in my knee

Temple of Zeus in Athens at Athens.

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