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When I think about Leonard Cohen I just want to cry. About twenty years ago I listened to his music in one of the most wonderful places I had been. It was in the countryside. A very beautiful countryside with just some trees next to a river and fields and fields and blue mountains far way. I just left a little village and I went to another village through a path among the deserted fields. It was one of my most wonderful times alone ever. I was surrounded by the enormous sky, the enormous fields and surrounded by far away mountains. And I was just listening to the music of Leonard Cohen. It was unforgettable. Each time I remember those songs I see those empty fields and the solitude of walking from one village to another. I also remeber the people that lived at that time and that now is gone. For ever.

The soundtrack of these solitary fields was the one of Leonard Cohen’s songs. I wonder if Suzanne is still walking through those fields.

I would like to put a video with some of this songs of Leonard Cohen but it is years since the last time I was hard enough to listen to them. They are too sad for me to listen to them and I can’t listen to them now because I want to keep them as the soundtrack of my past. If I returned to that countryside I will listen to the songs again. Thanks Leonard!

Leonard Cohen, during the Geneva concert of th...

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  1. curi56

    Hi, he accompanied me through my whole time(s) at university.
    Today I love to hear Leonard´s Halleluja, too.
    Leonard is one of the artists who could move our hearts.

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