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I just have read in a UK newspaper that “Eurosceptics were right with the euro”. As everybody knows the UK eurosceptics were against the euro. One of their reasons was that without fiscal union among the different countries the euro could not work. The current situation of the euro seems to some as a way to prove that the eurosceptics were right.

Well, in this post I will try to show my opinion that it is opposite to the eurosceptics. Before that let me just point out that I appreciate very much what the eurosceptics have to say because a critical voice is always good and makes you think about what you do.

Well, first of all let me tell you that the reason why the eurosceptics did not want the euro was not because without fiscal integration was going to be a failure! They did not wanted the euro because they did not want fiscal integration. This is reasonable if you want the UK to be not integrated!

Then why I say that the eurosceptics were wrong with the euro if they had poved to be right? Well, I say that because what is happening now with the euro I do not see it as a tragedy but all the contrary! It is just a lesson that thanks to the existence of the euro we now all now! The eurosceptics were right in their theory but it is the euro that has proved the theory! Thanks to the people who risked and chose the euro know the whole planet knows more about how to handle a currency.

Now nobody imagines each village of a county having its own currency. As the time passes distances get shorter and the shorter they come the more ridiculous would be different villages having different countries.

There may be a time in future that as the planet goes smaller and smaller people will see the need to have a unique currency so they can move around the planet without having to change. When this happens the experience of the euro will help to know how to do that without making mistakes.

The euro is currently the greatest experiment taking place on Earth. Never before has so many millions of people join such a experiment. Now we are the point of having a problem.

I imagine that any Moonsceptic would have acted to the “Houston, we have a problem” by saying, You see, I knew: to go to the space was a bad idea. Now we have aproblem!

What I mean by all this is that the current problems of the euro are not a tragedy but a challenge! The eurozone is now leading the world in creating a new currency that is shared by different countries. Now we have learned that we have made mistakes. Some countries have spent too much and one has even cheated. That is bad news but now we can improve!

Now a lot of people can see the meetings between Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy as a worrying situation that even is putting into stress the good relations of these two countries. In fact, these meetings are in fact a real test of real friendship and in the long run as very good because they are a sign that countries need each other. All this eurocrisis is very good for each country in the eurozone to think about itself in connection with the others! Before the euro each country of the current eurozone acted in its own way. So, some acted in very good ways and other not. And nobody cared much. Now thanks to the eurocrisis we talk to each other, we think about each other!

Let me put an example. One can choose to be alone or to go to the street and meet people. If you stay at home it is more difficult that something happens to you. If you go to the street something bad can happened to you but at the same time when you go to the street you may see friends and learn from them. And that is exactly what is happening in Europe. The Euro is giving to the people of the eurozone to be alive! Now, in Germany, there are people who are thinking if German should pay the bill again or not anymore. Now thee are people in Germany who may wonder if they should trust southerners or not. I am sure a lot of German people are thses days thinking about Italians and Spaniards. And I am sure that a lot of Spaniards and Italaians are thinking why Germany is in a better position. Thanks to the euro a lot of thinking is happening through the continent! Even in the UK there is a prize now in how to kill the euro in the softest way.

If Germany was asking Spaniards, Italians and Greek to learn German and eat german food I would be the first to be scary of sharing a currency with Germany. But all I hear from Germany is common sense!: JUST TO CUT DEBT SO THAT INVESTORS TRUST US!

So, now I am more convinced than ever that the euro was the best choice that Europe has made recently. All the problems of today are now asking the best of the people of the eurozone and beyond. Thanks to the problems of the eurozone we are learning.

Whatever it happens with the euro I am sure that it was right to have it because we have learnt from it. Without the creation of it, not even the eursceptics could claim they were right in their theory.

I do not know if we will continue with the euro but I am sure that whatever it happens with the euro it is for sure that the euro has been a great way to advance so that maybe in 200 years they may share a single currency around the world except in the land of the eurosceptics, of course.

Well, as you may see the only coincidence between the eurosceptics and me is that we both love the English language. Let me end by saying that if I live in the UK, who knows, maybe I would be a eurosceptic too! But as I am writing from the eurozone I just like to support my currency.

Ten years of Economic and Monetary Union (EMU)...




  1. This is the most delusional thing I have ever read.

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