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Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany.

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There are people that like Angela Merkel and there are other people than do not like her. I am one of the ones that like her. I like Germany, the way that Germany runs and I like the one who runs Germany.

Yesterday I knew that almost have of the Spaniards have not been ever abroad. So it is not strange that the things here go so badly! How can a state like Spain try to improve if have of its population have not been in other places?

If more people from Spain had been in France, Germany, UK, etc then more people from Spain would realise not only that we are not the center of the world. They would realise al the good things that we have in Spain and they would also realise the bad things. And in that way they would be proud of the good things and they would try to improve the bad ones.

In my case one of the good things to have been abroad was that I realise that in Catalonia and most of the rest of the state we were very lucky because of the weather. In Germany they can be very wealthy but in Winter it gets dark at about 4 pm, the day maybe had been all cloudy and needless to say that the weather has been hellishly cold. So, thanks to me being in Germany I realise that here in Barcelona we are very very lucky withthe weather. Because the sun brings happiness and good humour. On the other hand in Gemrany I could se how the things were done properly. Decades ago in Germany the drivers in Germany drove like civilised people. In Spain it was a crazy driving. Now, decades later, in Spain the drivers drive in a way more similar to the one I saw in Germany some decades ago. And this is just an example. There are so many things to learn from Germany! But of course if 50% of Spaniards have never crossed the Pyrenees it is obvious they may not be able to appreciate not just the good things from the rest of Europe: they may also give for granted the good things that we have here! (in Germany the tomatoes, salats, olive oil, etc are not so cheap as in Spain so when in Spain people eat a simple cheap salat with some vegetables they are doing something that in Germany is not so cheap)

I am saying all this because yesterday when I saw on TV how Angela Merkel was asking Spain to cut its deficit even more I must admit that I did not like it very much although I agree with her! I did not like that because I find it is disgusting that someone from outside must tell you what to do! It is as if we were children and my dear Angela Merkel was the master!

I am afraid that in the following months Angela Merkel becomes a person not to be love in this part of Europe because she tells us to cut the deficit even more. Who likes to be told to sacrifice even more?

So in this post I want to say that although I did not like Angela Merkel telling us to cut deficit even more in fact Angela Merkel is 100% right!

For some months the ECB is in fact rescuing Spain and Italy by buying Spanish and Italian bonds. That’s something that in Germany is not very well seen. On the other hand the German taxpayer is getting tired of putting money for current bailout or possible future bailouts. So it is not strange that Angela Merkel that Spain becomes stronger.

So in this part of Europe (that it is still called Spain …) we have at leat two choices. One is to do what Angela Merkel tells us and the other not to do that. It is not true that we have to do what Angela Merkel! We are free to do the opposite if we wish! But it is in our interests to do what Angela says! The more serious we are with our finances the more people from around the world will trust us.

In Spain we had been living above our possibilities. I know of examples of a lot of money spend in a totally stupid way as if we were rich! In Catalonia we have a high speed railway station that looks like a palace, is almost always empty and that it is in the middle of the countryside! I am so ashamed of that station! Needless to say that with the high speed train in Spain, Spain acted as a new rich but it is also true that other countries in Europe get a lot of money because we bought the technology! Anyway, now you can go from Seville to Barcelona in high speed train as if you were in one of the most advanced countries in the world evne if this is not the case.

There are some states in the eurozone that because of its size and its gdp they cannot fall if the eurozone wants to remain alive. You only have to look at the map of the eurozone and it is easy to see that Italy, Germany, France and Spain occupy a lot of space. They are four states like four legs has a table.

When I look to the past decades of Spain it is easy to see that things have improve and improve but that now we are at an historical point. We had a civil war. Then we have a fascist dictatorship. Then democracy came. Then we joined in 1986 the EEC (nou the EU) and some years ago we even change the worthless peseta for the strong euro. We have been almost 70 years improving in some way. But now we are again in a moment that things could change. So now it is the time to show to the world that WE CAN. That we can do things well. That we are not just a land of sun and famous painters. That we are a land with people with a minimum sense of doing the things in a right way!

What we have to do now in Europe is to continue working so that one day it is not necessary for Germany to tell Spain to cut deficit! We need to create a Europe where we are all responsible. It is a case of proudness. When I was in Germany I would have never accepted of my German friends to pay my drink. So why should now I accept Germany to pay the debts of Spain?

I think it is time that in Europe we see other countries in a more closely way. As if Angela Merkel was the mayor of the next village. Because we have to realise that we are inside a global world! The fact that we speak different languages in Europe is not excuse not to see that we are in the same boat. We have to unite because together, we are more powerful.

If we win this game maybe in some decades the euro could become the favourite currency of the world. Because if 17 countries can handle a single currency, and I am sure that we will able!, then the world knwos that we are just simply the best!

This eurocrisis is obvious that can end in a big disaster. But the icredible thing of the current terrible situation is that if we all play the cards well then the eurocrisis can end by making the euro the most respected currency of the world!

If we work like a team, like Josep Guardiola does with FC BARCELONA with 11 players, the EURO will not just survive. It will succeed.


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