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If I was 75 years old I would try a new generation to rule my country ...

Now it seems that the pressure is on Italy. This makes me quite happy because if the problem is related to Italy then Europe can breath and be happy?
Why I say so?

Well, I just say that because even if it is true that the Italian debt is quite great my trust and recognition for Italy is much better!

All my life I have felt a lot of admiration and respect for Italy. I have meet Italian people and the first thing that I have notice is that the Italians have something quite special. Have you not notice that?

A country with one of the most beatiful languages of the worlds, with some of the most famous food on earth (pizza, ice creams …), THE FASHION. the beauty of its land and cities.

In fact not only I am not worried at all about the capability of Italy to solve its debt problem. I even believe that from this we may have a new renaissence, yes, another Italian Reinassece.

A land that has given to the world cities like Venice, Florence or Rome it is obvious that is made of people that are just unique. Da Vinci, Michelangello, Tosca by Verdi! Ferrari, Fiat, D&G. Armani.

As I said if the problem in Europe is Italy I can assure you that we all Europeans can go to bed and have a nice dream. Italy not only has all it is needed to succeed in the world. They also have a lot of friends around the world! All the people who are descendants of Italians and also all the people, like me, that are also in some way descendants from Rome. Portuguese, Spanish. Catalan, French, Romanian, all are languages that come from Rome! And that is not just history. I do not know if people from other places know Italians are a kind of brothers. Catalan and Spanish not only can understand more or less Italian people. They can also enjoy their language.

A land with people like Raffaella Carra it is obvious that can not be worry at all to the rest.

But let me end by being honest and telling you the real truth why I am very relaxed about the capabilities of Italy. The Italians have always been richer than Spaniards and I am SURE, SURE, SURE, that they will never accept that the world sees them in a worse position than Spain. It is just a question of doing the things right well! If Spain has done its duties it is obvious that Italian can do that too. History says so. And besides, let be frank:if the debt of Italy is much better than the one in Spain is just because people trust Italy.

Let me end by saying that if I have to choose between having a whole continent or just a bit piece of Italy I just would choose Venice …


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