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Maybe it is my imagination but when I watch conferences like this one I cannot stop thinking about the languages used and not used in the conference.

I have chosen this press conference from the first part of the supersummit in Brussels. It is a press conference from October 23rd 2011.

As you see in the video Nicolas Sarkozy enters the press room and then she begins to speak in French. Well, if he speaks in French you imagine than then the people at the rom understand French. Then suddenly we hear Angela Merkel speaking a quite a different language called German! She also speaks as if everybody understands her. So one can imagine that the journalists there understand French and German.
I imagine this cannot be the case because I imagine that the journalists come from different countries!

I understand that Sarkozy speaks in French and that Merkel speak in German but I miss there is a common language that unites us the Europeans. I miss the use of English.

I do not know but I have the feeling that watching this video it is obvious that Europe needs a common language.

Well, I may be wrong but it is thanks to the English language that I have been able to move through the Europe. And thanks to the English language I had been able to know people from around Europe and once in their countries I have learnt the language of the country.

If we look into the global world maybe in Europe we should realise that the English language is not a language without no connection to ours. The English and most European languages share the same letters.

I think it is very good the diversity and richness of languages but I also find that to add a common language only could improve the diversity in Europe! If we all knew English we could more around the continent and once we were in a country we could learn that language.


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