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This super summit in Brussels of EU leaders has been very interesting. Monsieur Sarkozy has been news in Spain and the UK but for very different reasons. Let me explain the two news:


Now is news in the UK press (not in Le Monde …) a clash between Sarkozy and Cameron. As I imagine people in the UK know about the clash: Sarkozy to Cameron: Shut up about the euro. You say you hate the euro and now you want to meddle in the meeting. Well, something like that.

Well, I think that Sarkozy has been wrong although who knows maybe for good (or for bad). Let me explain! For weeks and weeks I have said that it is very important for me that the UK help the euro! I have tried to convinced people from the UK that even if they do not have the euro as a currency I find that the UK can have a very important rule. I also have said that the rule must be a helpful one. Unfortunately Sarkozy, by criticising Cameron is giving resons to the eurosceptics.

It is obvious that the role of the UK in the eurocrisis is quite strange. If the UK does not do anything then you can criticise the UK for not trying to help to solve the eurocrisis. On the other hand if the UK tries to do something then you can criticise too the UK for trying to meddle in the eurozone. So Sarkozy has been quite wrong to clash with Cameron because now the eurosceptics have another argument to say that the UK is been sidelined!

When I think about the UK I always see two sides. One side that is happy with Europe and another that dislikes Europe. It may happen that even in each person from the UK there is a little bit of both feelings. Then Sarkozy should have tried to welcome the eurofriendly part of Cameron! By telling Cameron to shut up about the euro Sarkozy is clashing with the only real and important friend of the euro outside the euro: The United Kingdom. Even the eurosceptics of the UK are quite good for Europe because if you read carefully what they say sometimes they are quite right.

I see the situation of the UK versus the eurozone like this: We are in a lab called EU and 17 students have decided to make a new experiment called EURO. Then in the same lab there is a very respected student, called UK who says that he won’t join this crazy experiment at all. Then there is a time that the experiment goes a bit wrong and there is the danger that all the lab explodes. Then as the 17 students try to control the experiment then the student UK approaches the 17 and tells them: “My God! Do something! Do something! This experiment EURO is going to explode and we all are going to get hurt! Then one of the 17 students called SARKOZY (like president Sarkozy …) tells the UK student: “Shut Up, UK, you were always criticising this experiment and now you want to meddle on it!” Well, as you can see from this example, the student SARKOZY is unfair because the UK student could answer: “It is true that since the start I have criticised your experiment called EURO. I understand that now that the experiment could go wrong you are not happy that I approach you and shout and shout: “Do something! Do something!” But I have all the right to do that because I am a member of this lab, the EU, and if this experiment explodes I will be hurt too!”

Anyway, I imagine I have made clear that I feel that Cameron is been right in trying to defend the UK interests. On the other hand Sarkozy is wrong in talking like this to the UK because the UK is one of the most precious and prestigious members of the EU. Only a fool would treat the UK as a nuisance. Industrial Revolution, Newton, The Beatles, the English Language and Alò, Alò. Is not that enough to try to have the UK as one of your best friends.


While Sarkozy is news at the other side of the Channel by its very miscalculated words towards the gentle and nice man call Mr. Cameron Sarkozy has been aslo news soth of the Pyrenees because he has praised the Zapatero government for his reduction of debt. He has praised too the opposition party for its responsible behaviour.

Well, you may thing that as I am writing from Barcelona, (so south of the Pyrenees) I should be happy with Sarkozy as the newspapers and politicians in Spain are. Well, so so.

Some hours ago Angela Merkel spoke too about Spain and she said that Spain should do more. Those words were answered by Spanish prime minister by saying that we are already cutting debt and doing things in the right way.
I think that for Spain the words of Merkel are better words than those of Sarkozy because if Europe relaxes on us then maybe we also relax and don’t get so austere! Besides we all know that Germany is the one to pay the bill so I find that Sarkozy has acted in a showing off way: Germany pays the bill and is the bad one who asks for more to Spain and he, who does not pay so much, wants to be the good guy.

Well, I do not know. I do not know if Sarkozy is acting right or not. In some way I think he has been wrong with the UK and Spain. To hard with the UK and too soft with Spain. Anyway if it had been the other way round I could also criticise him. After all he has shown strength with one of the strongest countries of the EU, the UK and has shown nice words for a country in nned of nice words, Spain. I do not know. Who knows, maybe Sarkozy is trying to be fair: Telling to the world that Spain is already in the right track (and not like the “evil” Angela may think by saying that Spain should do more) and telling Cameron what he really feels about the way the UK relates to the UK. Maybe he is just a man that likes to say what he thinks. Who knows, maybe his words to Mr Cameron in the long run are a show of friendliness towards the UK because sometimes only friends tell each other what they feel.

Who knows, maybe the SHUT UP of Sarkozy to Cameron was in fact a “HELP US!” Maybe Sarkozy in fact is not unhaapy about the UK having a say about the EURO! Maybe Sarkozy is telling the UK: “We are now in a very bad situation! Help us to save the euro or leave us alone! We need you and we would be happy you to help us but if you only come to worsen the situation then SHUT UP!” I do not know! Maybe Sarkozy high words make someone in the UK realise that Europe needs now the UK more than ever! Even if our proud only let us say SHUT UP instead …

Maybe people in the UK should not see the SHUT UP of Sarkozy as disrespect to Mr Cameron was as a sign of the importance than in reality the UK has for France and the EU! If Sarkozy has got angry with the UK prime minister is in fact becuase the UK matters! The fact that in a summit related to the euro the big news is a clash between France and UK prime ministers is a clear sign that the UK has still a key role in Europe. Sarkozy would have never said SHUT UP to the prime minister of a small country in Europe. I think that Mr Cameron should understand the SHUT UP as “Come on, David, be our friend and help us really to solve the eurocrisis or leave us solve it alone”. Now the ball is in Cameron’s roof …


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