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DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 29JAN10 - David Cameron, Le...


I do not know if David Cameron has had a good sleep this evening but I hope that some mercy is given to him by the politicians of his own party.
Yesterday I cannot imagine he had a very pleasant day in Brussels (Sarkozy and Cameron had a clash).
Today it is a hard day for Cameron. The eurosceptics want a referendum so that people can choose between the EU, remain as it is or remain with different conditions.
So while Europe tries to solve a crisis that can put the world economy upsidedown David Cameron will be distracted by the eurosceptic part of his party.

I think that the problem of Cameron and the current situation of the UK could be summarized as TO BE AND NOT BE.

Wanting to be and wanting not to be: WANTING TO BE IN EURO SUMMITS AND AT THE SAME TIME WANTING WANTING NOT TO BE IN THE EURO. Is this not a contradiction?

It is as if you want not to be in a game but you want to be there to be how the game goes.

If someone from China and the US look now to Europe they may feel astonished: on the one hand there is a part trying to solve a big problem (the eurocrisis) and on the other hand there is a country just discussing about a referendum to leave the EU. I never thought that there would be people in the UK that so much dislike the EU that they prefer to attack the EU at the worst time even if by doing that at the wrong time they even attack a possible recuperation of the British economy, the European economy and the global economy!

Maybe I am wrong but if I was a UK eurosceptic I would try to show that I am sceptic about EU because it is the EU the one who harms the UK. Not myself with my timings …


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