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Silvio Berlusconi in a meeting


I just have read the last words of Mr Berlusconi and I am quite ashamed that a great country like Italy is ruled by such a man. Silvio has said that no one in the EU should give lessons to another member in the EU. Only an idiot would say that when WE ALL KNOW THAT IT IS GERMANY THE ONE TO PAY IF THE GOVERNMENT OF BERLUSCONI CONTINUES WITHOUT DOING WHAT IT SAID IT WOULD DO!

Just yesterday I wrote a post declaring my love and trust in Italy. For me the Italians are my brothers. In no place of the post I wrote about Berlusconi. But when now I read his words I am very furious because this man is harming all the planet with his comments at this time!

Just some minutes ago I was thinking too about the importance that Angela Merkel was having in the politics of Spain too. And do you know what? I WAS VERY RELIEVED THAT THE SPANISH ECONOMY WAS RULED IN THESE DIFFICULT TIMES FROM BERLIN.

Berlusconi knows perfectly well that Italy is an independent state and can do what they like but be assure that the WHOLE EUROPE would be very glad to put ITALY out of the EUROZONE is it continues to be ruled by a fool.

The current problem in Europe is not if Germany has too much say or not the problem in Europe is if Europe is ruled by people you can trust or not. And in this case it is obvious that it is much better to listen to Merkel than to Berlusconi!

Italy is the third economy of the eurozone. If Italy falls the whole eurozone falls and Europe falls and the world economy worsens. Should just this happen because Italy is rules by an old fool who does not comply with its promises?

Germany is doing all it can to save the euro. So money from some parts of Europe will be transfered to other parts of Europe. In summary that Germany will pay the bill again. So, if Germany is going to pay the bill it is obvious that Italy should put its economy in order.

Greece is a little country in comparison with Italy. But never I want it to leave the euro. Even if necessary I would put money to help. But if Italy continues being ruled by a man who does not do what he promised to do it is obvious that not me, but most of the eurozone would be happy to get rid of Italy.

These last months the European Central Bank is buying Italian and Spanish debt. Why should this continue if Italian government has not the guts to do what it promised to do?

Maybe I sound too strong about Berlusconi but I feel very disappointed that one of the most wonderful countries of the world is currently run by a fool.

Anyway, as Italy is a democracy and has chosen Berlusconi I think it is time for other memeber of the eurozone to put the things clear to Italy: It is Berlusconi or Europe.

All the Italians that are against Berlusconi must know that I am with you. I love Italy and it is years since I am sad about such a great country being ruled by that fooled. Until now I had not said anything becuas eI live outside Italy but now that I see that this fool could make the euro fall I feel that anybody in the eurozone should at last say what he thinks about Berlusconi.

By the way one of the reasons why Barcelona is so full of Italians living here is because they are fed up of this man. Needless to say that these Italian are one of the most creative, innovative and well-dressed people of Barcelona. They are the reason why I have a lot of trust in the future of Italy.


  1. shampoovta ⋅

    So what I glean from your blog is we in America are going to get kicked in the nuts again. I have co workes talking French revolution over here. Another shock and we will tip. I have no interest in this and am going to stock more food and water. The shit is in coming and the fan
    is ready-made.

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