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It is nice to see that on the other side of the channel there are people that realise the the UK is too important to leave Europe at its own devices. if you put together in the world all that the continent (and Ireland) can offer and all that the UK can offer it is amazing the power that we can have.

So imagine that the world could say: “Well, Europe is in crisis but some of the most powerful nations of the eurozone, France and Germany are trying to put order. And BESIDES, the UK, although it is not part of the eurozone, is doing its best to lead a solution”

The United Kingdom is losing a unique opportunity to join France and Germany in leading Europe! Instead of going to Brussels and saying “I knew, I knew! I told you that the euro was a bad i dea, I knew, I knew!” Well the UK could be saying “Well, do not worry! You see what has happened with the euro should not worry us! In the UK we knew from the first time that an euro without fiscal union would not work and because we did not want more union we did not join. But now we are happy that finnally all agree that the eurozone needs fiscal integration so that the UK is going to support totally FRANCE and GERMANY is asking the rest to cut deficit and be austere. In fact we are doing the same at home! And after all, for the UK it is very important that the euro becomes a success. In this way, the UK will always have hte opportunity to join it if it is in UK interests!”

Cannot see some politiicans in the UK that what is happening in the eurozone is good for the UK too? The better the eurozone works the better partners the UK has!

It cannot be bad for the UK that the eurozone becomes stronger! The stronger that the eurozone becomes the better the UK can relax! The US is a country very much related to the UK (even if they do not speak the same language as Oscar Wilde said once …) Is it bad for the UK that the US is a strong country? I don’t think so! The UK has a special relation with the US so that a strong US means to have a strong friend around! So the same happens with the eurozone and the UK. The stronger the eurozone the best for the UK because we are both together as we are part of the EU!

Once the British Empire ruled the world. Now the UK may no longer rule the world but could lead Europe and in this way have a say in the world. After all, why on earth a person in Barcelona is writing in English? Why I am not writing in German? Why I am not writing in French? I am writing in English because in this way I can be understood worldwide! What I mean is that for the UK would be quite easy to lead Europe. We all understand English. The English is really what unites Europe and the world.

One could say that all this fiscal integration of the eurozone is not interesting to the UK. Well, you never know. Woul not be perfect for the UK interest to help building the eurozone so that if one day it wants to join it it can do it been assured?

This eurocrisis has shown that the eurozone was badly run. Now the eurocrisis is not good for the UK either. Maybe the UK SHOULD GET SURE THAT THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN AGAIN!

Some may think that without the euro all this eurocrisis would have not happened. It is true. But it is thanks to the euro that good financial measures are brought. Without the euro we would have a well ruled Europe in the north and a chaotic Europe in the south. Thanks to the euro the whole eurozone can be well ruled. It is weeks since the ECB is buying Spanish bonds. It is months since Berlin is ruling, in fact, the economy of Spain. Do you think I am angry about this? Not at all! I feel very fortunate to be ruled by people from Berlin that from my own country. I have been in Germany and I trust the Germans.

Thanks to the euro we are having a Europe where the south of Europe is learning to be responsible.

Can be a better thing that be ruled by German good practises and at the same time enjoy the Mediterranean skies?



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