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These days a lot has been

European Union


said about the euro, about the UK leaving the EU anb about a future referendum about the independence of Scotland. So if you join all this it is easy to ask oneself the nex question: “SHOULD AN INDEPENDENT SCOTLAND JON THE EURO?”

In fact there are a lot of questions to be done. One could also ak oneself if all the UK should leave the EU or just each part (England, Wales, Scotland and Norther Ireland) should decide on their own?

Of course I do not know what may happen in the future but who knows maybe we could have the independent state of England that like a kind of Switzerland, is out of the European Union and where no financial transaction taxes are seen so that the Citi has become a paradise for speculation and deregulation. On the other hand we could have a Wales that is an independent state but shares the pound with England. And we may have too an independent state of Scotland that remains inside the EU and has even joined the euro.

Why I say all this? I say all this because it seems to me that those in London who do not mind adding fire to the eurocrisis by choosing a wrong time to talk about leaving the EU should also notice that some people may also consider break ties with them. And those maybe happy then to strengthen their ties with Europe and even join the euro. Because in the case of an independent Scotland maybe some prefer the euro to the pound.


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