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A lot is said these days about the relation between Angela Merkel and Nicolar Sarkozy. It is not just curiosity but an important subject because the personal relation between them can change the history of Europe. Maybe it sounds to tragic to say so and it may make us happy to play down the personal relation. After all we expect that in such an important moment in Europe they act in a professional way and the relation between them does not interfere.

But after all we are human beings so even if both are the ones with more power in Europe currently they are humans as the rest of us so that the personal relation has to be related to to the world of emotions.

So in order to imagine the importance of their personal relation I have imagined a change of sex so that we can amuse us and at the same time understand better how different they are:

Imagine these different situations:


Well, it is to laugh but even to cry. If you imagine that Sarkozy was a woman then it is obvious that Merkel and Sarkozy would be very different women: Sarkozy would be a show-off woman that will see Merkel as an old-fashion woman. There won’t be any chemistry at all about them!


In this case I cannot imagine more different men. If you imagine Merkel as a man it is obvious that this man would be quite different to Sarkozy.


Sarkozy, man or woman, would be a person that it is worried about his image, about his honour. It would be a person that would have liked to be a person born in a castle or something. It would be a person very worried about his status and always trying to appear to be more than he is.

On the other hand Merkel, man or woman, would be a person who does not care about the status. She is a person that would have liked to be born not in a castle but inside a family of scientists. Merkel is a women that is fascinated about solving the problems.

So the two, Sarkozy and Merkel are two diferent worlds. Sarkozy would have like to be Napoleaon. Merkel would have liked to be Einstein.

For the short run Sarkozy can be a better choice because he is good to act for the outer world. On the other hand Merkel is much better for the long run because she is a better choice to care to the detaisl of how the things are done to save the euro.

Some people would prefer a German chancellor that would speak as a leader but I think that I prefer this Angela Merkel because even if she does not act like a leader I trust her because I know she is the prefect person to solve complex problems.

In some way maybe both are not a bad choice. Sarkozy would be the one to convince the public and Merkel would be the one who would do the real cooking behind.

The world would be the clients of a restaurant. Sarkozy would be the waiter that tries to feel us comfortable in the bar and Merkel would be the one to run the restaurant behind close doors. If Merkel and Sarkozy realise this they may succeed.



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