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Today is not a D-DAY but an E-DAY. This Wednesday the whole world is waiting to see what Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy say.
With this post I just want to show my support to these two leaders because I trust they will be able to solve the eurocrisis.
They are not alone because all around the eurozone they have anonymous people who want a eurozone where the things are done in a right way and in this sense it is thanks to Angela Merkel that other countries of the eurozone are doing the right things at the end.

It is obvious that the curent situation is an exceptional one because in a normal situation it makes no sense that the Merkel and Sarkozy have so much to say about a eurozone that it is not just France and Germany. But it is obvious that Germany and France are the leading economies of the eurozone and now it would be crazy not to let them rule the eurozone if you take into account that they are going to have to pay the bill.

Some try to se all these eurocrisis as a terrible moment in European history. On the contrary I feel that we are in an unique opportunity to create a Europe that is better ruled.

When I was in Germany I always dreamt that back in Barcelona we could do the things so well as the Germans do. Now it is the time to do that.

Thanks to the eurocrisis there is no land in the south of the eurozone that has not asked itself about the way its economy goes and the way the German economy goes.

I have German friends and I am amazing by the way they do the things. You just have to look to the details! The German people I know they are people that like to do the things in a good way and who care about that. I remember once a German friend showed me an album of photos. Well, in that album she put next to each photo the date, the place and a summary related to the photo. This is organization.

So when this evening Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy say something to the world I feel quite proud of them. Because I had been in France and Germany and these two countries are an example of how to do things.

Angela and Nicolas have a friend soth of the Pyrinees.


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