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Merkel e Sarkozy sul triclinio, Roma, 6 luglio...

Image by Oxfam Italia via Flickr

The nation-specific sides of some Euro coins.

Today I have read a comment on THE TIMES about the exchange between the euro and the pound. It seems that when the euro was born you needed 1.6 euros to buy a pound and now you only need 1.15 or something euros. So this means that the euro cannot be such a bad currency after all. If now the UK wanted to buy the eurozone it would be much more expensive than when the euro was born. On the other hand if the eurozone wanted to buy the UK thanks to the success of the euro now it would be almost a bargain. Besides it is always to buy when you have 17 behind than just one. The more the merrier.

I say that because if the UK had entered the eurozone then their assets would have not lost value at all against the euro. Al the people in the UK who had dreamt to have a house in the sunny side of Europe would have had a strong money to do that.

All this talk in British newspapers about how bad is the euro it is a clear show that the euro has been a success. Such a great success that even the countries who have not the euro have to worry about it.

It is true that we are having now a problem with the euro. Well, the couple that has a baby sometimes cannot sleep at night. But they will never get rid of the baby. And the more the neighbour insists in what a bad idea was having that baby the more the baby will be loved by those who gave birth to it!: NO EURO, NO CRY


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