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Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany.


Some minutes ago I just have realised that something quite incredible is happening these days and that may change Europe forever. Let me explain:
“Until now most Europeans watch tv, or read the news and they read news about their country and internatioanl news. Normally there was a lot of local news and also a lot of international news.

But this last weekend has happened to me something that had never happened: the news coming from Brussels summit were affecting myself so much that those no were international news or foreign news: they were like country news!

What I mean is that thanks to the eurocrisis Europe is not anymore something there outside. It is everyday news and is part of our life. It is as if the world had diminished its size all of a sudden!

Now Europe is a part of our lives in a way that had not happened since WWII. But this time we are talkng about finding solutions. It is as if now Italy, Greece, Germany and France were not far away countries but places so familiar like the towns near by!

It is as if we were having the Champions Day or Eurovision Day each day! Never before had a foreign politician like for example, Papandreus or Merkel be so familiar to the rest of Europeans!

It is incredible what this eurocrisis has made: it has made us realise that we need each other.

Before the eurocrisis the Germans were in Germany and had a chancellor called Angela Merkel that was just interesting for the Germans. The same happened in France with Sarkozy. He was important for France and we were interested in him just because he was the president of a foreign important country. Papandreu in Greece was not so know but he was just the president of a land far away from central Europe. And David Cameron was just the prime minister of the UK. And Berlusconi was just an Italian affair.

Now thanks to the eurocrisis we are in a new level where the game is played on an European level so that know we know each other better and politicians of different countries become more familiar to others!

Thanks to the torurism a lot of people have been in other countries so that now for Germans Italy and Spain and Greece mean more than just countries with trouble. And the same happens with the people who had been in France or Germany.

Until some weeks ago Angela Merkel was just a foreign politician froma foreign country: now she is more familiar to me than any politician in Spain.

To summarize: until now we were used to play monopoly each one in their flat. Now, for the first time in history, we are playing the Monopoly all the neighbours. Even the British neighbour has come to the game even if only to show his dislike for the currency played in the game.


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