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I do not know if I am one of the few that has realised that we are living these days a very unusual and very strange situation in Europe.

Maybe it is good that not a lot of people realise the strange things that are happening because if all people was aware I think that the suffering would be too much.

These last days are happening things in Europe that had never happen before and that make me feel that we are in a very special time in the history of Europe. I think that this week will go to history and it will be studied.

Let me tell you the things I have notices that make me see that something very special is happening:

STRANGE THING A: French president tells British Prime Minister to shut up.

Well, one could say that this is just a clash between two politicians. After all it is not so unusual to listen the words SHUT UP in bars, etc. We all know that France and England had been at war during centuries. So the fact that Sarkozy has a clash with Cameron and they had not declared a war immediately means that these two men are not so powerful as the kings of ancient times. Well, I am exaggerating but the discussion between Sarkozy and Cameron seems to me that has more meaning that it may seem. In some way it is as if France and the UK had a quarrel. The god thing of the clash is that not necessarily the clash will bring a separation between the two sides. We all know that when we discuss with smebody then afterwards, sometimes, our friendship gets stronger. After all, sometimes you only discuss with the people you feel something! If Sarkozy said Shut up to Cameron is not because Sarkozy does not like Cameron: it is because he is sorry that the UK is not helping France with the eurocrisis.

So this clash can be good or bad. Let’s see.


Italy brings in extremis austerity measures in order to comply with the asking from Germany and France.

This is very very weird and should all us make realise how serious the things are: Germany and France ask something to its partners in the eurozne and they comply in some hours! (well, in the case of Berlusconi with some bad words in the middle but at the end doing what France and Germany say!)

What kind of Europe is this? This is very very strange! Instead of being in a continent of independent democratic states we almost seem to be in the Middle Ages where Queen Angela and his Knight Nicolas rule the eurozone and we the rest just obey.  It is as if Germany and France rule Europe!

One could say that Italy is free to do what it wants but are you free when your economy can go to chaos if you not comply?

This is very weird but it is as if Italy, Spain and Greece had become the slaves of Queen Angela and Knight Nicolas. And the worse is that we have to be happy to be slaves of Queen Angela because we have debts and only Queen Angela can pay the bill.

On the other hand Queen Angela needs money to pay the slaves and in order to do that she needs the taxes of the people of her land. The people on her land do not call her Queen Angela because for them is just a politiican that have chosen democratically.

Well, here are then the strangest things that I am seeing in Europe these days.

Maybe another strange thing is that I am happy with Queen Angela. I trust her more than my countrymen.

I do not know but I have the feeling that we are at the start of a change to the way that Europe works that will change Europe forever. We will have to get used to be ruled by people who do not speak our language … well, maybe not, because in the future we will all speak English to solve that problem.

Map of territorial boundaries ca. 450 AD



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