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One can imagine that the recapitalization of a bank is not good news for a bank because it means you cannot stay just seated and waiting all to run as always. Now this 5 banks, as other banks in Europe will have to recapitalize.

For me this is very good news because it means the following:

1. One can have more trust in the banks. This 5 banks once they recapitalize they are stronger than now.
2. This five Spanish banks become stronger in the international arena. In fact some of them are already known outside (for example Santander)
3. As these banks recapitalize they become more European banks. What I mean is that thanks to this recapitalization these banks have a big opportunity to expand through Europe because now people around the world can see thses banks are complying with European rules.

Let me end that one of these banks CAIXABANK is much related to Catalonia. It has its headquarters in Barcelona. It is the bank behind La Caixa. La Caixa was given the award of best bank in connection with its innovation in bank online. I must admit that the website of is really good. Although I never thought it was so good in comparison with others in other countries.Caixabank needs only about 600 million euros to recapitalise and it seems it won’t have any problem to have them. I wish the best for the rest of the banks too.If you want to know more about the recapitalization of these five banks you can go to


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