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Ventilation towers on the roof of Casa Milà de...

Warriors on sell?

Currently La Pedrera or Casa Milà, one of the two buildings of Gaudí in Passeig de Gràcia, is ownwed by CatalunyaCaixa. And currently CatalunyaCaixa is under Spanish supervision while waiting to buy it when possible.

So, at some point, somebody will have to buy CatalunyaCaixa or something. At some point La Pedrera should go to foreign lands. Or maybe not but it is obvious that with the bad economic situation here it seems strange that La Pedrera can remain without changing hands. Here are some posible buyers that I can imagine:

– CaixaBank. This is the most famous Catalan bank. The problem is that inorder to get La Pedrera I imagine it should buy Catalunyabank (CatalunyaCaixa) and I cannot imagine this happening not even in my wildest dreams.

– Qatar. Some months ago the Qaatr emir was received by the King and Queen of Spain. Currently Qatar Foundation appears on the tshirt of FC Barcelona. Now I hear about Qatar taking a big stake of Catalan Spanair airways. So, who knows, maybe the could buy La Pedrera too …

– China. The Chinese government could buy the Gaudi house on the condition of being able to light at night it in red! Wow! This would be an amazing propaganda for China. For Barcelona could aslo be good because it will attract a lot of future tourism from China and worlwide. A Red La Pedrera …

– Japan. I would be happy that Japan buys La Pedrera because I have the feeling they are the real people to feel in touch with Gaudí sensibility. In comparison with them for Catalonia is just a way to bring tourists!

– Gaudí fans worldwide. I would like this too …

– Some dark company. Let’s hope does not end like this …

– A hotel chain. La Pedra a luxurious hotel? I am afraid it may change like that …


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