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Moscow, Russia: Bolshoi Theatre.


Today the Bolshoi theatre has reopened again. This is good news because it means that there is one part of Europe where they still have enough money to have again such a jewel again in all its splendour.

Meanwhile we in the eurozone are in a critical situation. We know that the summit this Wednesday was a good step but we know that the situation is still very bad. For example, in Sapin, now we have almost 5 million people that are jobless.

Now we have ask money to China. It is quite humiliating for Europe to do that but I have realised that nobody is asking Russia for money.

In this post I do want to suggest that we should ask money to Russia. I just wanted to show how sad is the situation between Russia and the European Union. Now we do not have the cold war but we still live under suspicion of each other.

Now we can go to Russia and Russians can come to our cities. Catalonia is full of Russian tourists. But the relation between Russia and the EU is not good. In fact it is not bad either. It is just as two people that seat together in a bus and do not quarrel but either do speak to each other.

If the relations between the European Union and Russia were good it is obvious that Russia would be the perfect partner to help save the euro. After all we all are Europeans.

I have known Russian people and I liked them. But I always have the feeling that we do not trust each other. Russia is too big for the EU to feel easy.

It is quite sad. We have much more in common with Russia than China but we have to go to China to ask for money. We do not go to Russia to ask for money not because we have pride (if we had pride we would not ask China) but because we are afraid of Russia.

If Russia and the European Union could find a common path they could be the superpower of the world. They would have ports in the Atlantic sea and the Pacific Sea.

But we know this is not possible because Russia is too a special country to become another partner of the European Union.

Anyway, I wish that one day I can go to see the Bolshoi Theatre.

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