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Moscow's Bolshoi Theatre, where Boris Alexandr...


This Friday the Bolshoi theatre opens again in Moscow. This must be one of the most desired events in Moscow and in Russia but why should somebody so far from Moscow be touched by this opening?

Well, I feel very touched because theatres like the Bolshoi one reminds the whole Europe that Moscow is an European city. We all know that of course, but because of the existence of the Europan Union without Russia on it we sometimes may forget this.

All my life I have been proud to be European because I saw Europe as a magnificient land with so many different cultures and languages on it. And always, always, always, I have seen Moscow as a European city.

Unfortunately, been Russia such a big country that streches from Eurpe and Asia it is obvious that a European Union with Russia on it was not possible because Russia will eat us!

But there is something more important that institutions and borders: it is the real feelings inside our hearts. And inside my heart Moscow has been always the city at the other side of Europe.

Barcelona and Catalonia are full of Russian tourists. I wonder if to them it happens the same than to me: the also Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon as the other side of a same thing.

In Barcelona we have a very famous promenada called La Rambla. About 150 years ago some private money made possible the construction of a opera house called El Liceu. Some years ago there was a fire so they rebuilt it again and with crafts of the 19th century or older they made it look as the old theatre.

So when I hear about the Bolshoi Theatre I almost want to cry. Because between El Liceu and the Bolshoi Theatre we have had two wars, milions of corpses in the middle, a long cold war and even the now a bit cold relations between the both sides of Europe: But the Bolshoi in Moscow and El Liceu in Barcelona are a clear example that we all shared and share something.

If one day I go to Russia I hope to go to the Bolshoi. Meanwhile I hope that any Russian coming to Catalonia can visit El Liceu. I am sure they will feel at home. Because atfer all we are in a common home.

My love to the land of Tchaikovski.

By the way the famous French house of fragrances, Guerlain, has created a special fragrance for the ocassion. It is not so strange that the word French is mentioned when talking about Russia. Gala and Salvador dalí spoke French.


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