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Map of Marco Polo's travels.

marco polo's trip

As a citizen inside the eurozone it is obvious that I could find a lot of reasons why China should invest on the eurozone.

But it is not for me to see reasons why China should buy FSEF bonds or just invest in the eurozone or the EU or Europe. The only reason why the witty Chinese people will invest in Europe is because it is good for them.

One of the reasons why the Chinese have so much money extra and Europe such a need of extra money is because the Chinese have lived on their knees to save money while we the Europeans have liked to live as the rich ones.

I am sure that the Chinese would be very happy to invest in Europe if it is good for them.

One of the first things that maybe the Europeans should do is to acknowleadge that we have acted as fools with so much spending. It must be very hard for the Chinese to lend money to people like the Europeans.

The Chinese have made an enormous effort to be able to have money. While we in Europe have lives in a fairy tales they have worked and worked and worked and worked and worked and saved and saved and saved. Who are we now to go to such a land of harding working people to solve our financial situation when we had been living among our possibilities?

The Chinese is difficult that lend us money when they know that we cannot do the efforts they have done to get that money. They had worked earning very little. Would the Europeans do the same to return back money to China? I do not think so it is difficult that China trusts us.

So, if we want China to help us we, the people in the eurozone, should realise, that the ones who puts the money is the one that has the last word! In fact we all know that and that’s the reason why Angela Merkel has been the one to rule the last eurocrisis summits.

Some are worried that asking money for China is bad because then China can ask things for us that we won’t like. I think that is right. But It is obvious that China has the right to ask. And I am sure that China the only that wants is to be sure that we return the money back. I say that because China is not a thread. The last thing that China would like is to impose a dictatorship in Europe. Nonetheless it is obvious that if the Chinese have worked hard and hard to get these savings then it is normal that China should expect the Europeans to work hard too. At least to return the money back!

China has a lot of money in saving. All this money could be invested in the poorer parts of China. There must be a very strong reason why China should put all this savings out of China!

So, in the eurozone it is time to be humble. And listen to the Chinese. We should speak clearly with them. I would tell them the following:

“Hello, my Chinese!

Here in Europe have been living above our possibilities while you have been working in a very hard way. We know that you have a lot of savings because you are having a hard time. Now we need money and as we have always have acted as the rich ones, even if the real rich are you, now we know it is difficult that you want to lend us money. So please, let be clear among us and tell us which are your conditions to lend us money to Europe? What we should exactly do?”

I do not know what the Chinese answer could be but this is the one I imagine:

“First of all stop acting as if you were the rich and we the poor. You have been just acting as fools and wasters of money while we have saved. What would happen to the world if all people around the world had acted as in Europe? So, first of all recognise that you have been acting as fools while the old ancient nation of China has worked hard.

Secondly if you want us to lend you money you have to give strong reasons why we should trust you. How do we know that you will pay back when you are used to spend and spend as if you were rich? How do we know you are going to adapt to work harder as we have been doing the last decades?”

Well, it is strange. I want Chinese to help us but to be sincere if I was Chinese I would not put money in Europe easily. In Europe we are used to live as rich and it is not fair that hard working people in China lend money to a wasting continent.

Who knows, maybe China just should open China to all the Europeans who are fed up of Europe and want to work in China. At least in this way we the Europeans would learn from China. Marco Polo is on my mind.


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