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This weekend we can sleep one hour more as there is a change of hour. I have read news that in the UK they are thinking about changing the time so that they would have the same time than in Paris, Venice, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, …

The problem is that this could not be good for Scotland and it has been said that if Scotland does not agree then there is no change …

Although Saudi Arabia government is not precisely my favourite one I must admit that one of the few things that I like of this government is the fact that they follow the time according to the sun. I wish in Europe we did something similar. When the sun is at its highest point of the sky it shoud be midday. Now it is 2 pm in summer and 1 pm in winter.

Well, let’s see waht happens in the UK next year … To have two times in a same island would seem something quite weird, let alone if the two sides are one above the other.


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