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In the last posts I was quite happy that European leaders became a bit humble and ask money to China.

But now I have realised that there is quite a very different way to solve the eurocrisis:

Let Europe become poorer but independent!

I see two possible possibilities for Europe:

POSSIBILITY A (the one of Sarkozy):

We ask money to China. In this way Europe remain as a rich continent thanks to the money of China. So Europe continues with his way of live but with the Chinese paying the debt. Exactly as what is happening in the US!


We do not want to end like the US. To live as if nothing has happened to our wealth when in fact it is China the one that that holds the debt.

So the Europeans could do something that it is very difficult to do but that would make us quite independent from China: We reduce our way of life. We agree to live as our ancestors lived. This seems awful but makes us independent!

I know the two poosibilities. I have lived well thanks to my credit card and I have lived badly because I could not use the credit card. When I could not use the credit card the situation was awful because I had few things. But I did not own anything to anybody. While I was using the credit card I could spend well but it was a nightmare because I knew I had to pay and pay for months.

The way to compete with China is to become economically independent from China.

So I would do the following:

1. Not ask money to nations outside Europe

2. Instead of giving bailouts to the Greece government just give direct help to the Greek citizens.

3. Make a new start. Make sure that all countries of the eurozone should comply. At the same time solidarity between members must be very necessary.

Europe needs now not just little pieces of work. We need to look into the future and think what we want.

It is necessary that brave proposals appear.

Europe should change the way it acts. Instead of spending and spending it should become an efficient society. A society where efficiency is a must. Europe should become a place of wisdom.

One of the first things we should do is to get energetically independent from oil. The image of European cities full of cars should be a postcard from the past. Europe should make a giant step and be the more advanced society in the world: And the way to be the more advanced society is not to be the one that spends more but the one that with less expenses is able to live in a comfortable way.

It is time to be wise. We cannot continue throwing millions and millions of euros buying oil abroad. The big cities of Europe should get rid of cars!

The Chinese have the money but we the Europeans have the freedom of creativity.

After all Europe is the only land in the world where so many concentration of incredible cities take place. There is no part in the world where you can find a land that has jewels like: ROME, VENICE, FIRENCE, PARIS, BERLIN, VIENNA, GRANADA, ATHENS, etc.

Imagine the world was a garden. Then China and the US and Russia would be three big trees. In this garden you would see a plant here and there. Then Europe would be a place of the garden where you find the most amazing plants put all together. The would not be big trees as China, US or Russia but all this amzing plants put together would be one of the most amazing parts of the Garden. Nowhere in the garden you would find together such an amazing set of plants put together.

If somebody from the outer space came to buy a part of this garden the tree of the US, the tree of Russia or the tree of China would be quite visible. You would even find a very beautiful plant that would be the Japanese one. But the European side of the garden would be the more amazing because it will be the only part of the garden with so many beautiful plants together. Each plant with a different scent.

Europe must choose between being a kind of Cuba (independent but poor) or a kind of Puerto Rico (dependent but not poor) I would choose Cuba and more when in the case of Europe choosing this option would mean to retain to remain independent and democratic!


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