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Eurozone map in 2009 Category:Maps of the Eurozone


First of all let me say that I have put in brackets “rich” and “poor” because it is difficult to imagine that the countries who can lend money are poor and the countries who need the money are rich. But anyway, what it is sure is that people in the so”rich” countries live as if the were rich and people in the so “poor” countries live as if the were poor.

So should China lend money to the Eurozone, for example? As I’m writing from the eurozone I have strong reasons to say yes and to say no (yes, because we need the money and no because I do not want Europe like the USA: with China as the bank)

I find it is a bit a shame that the eurozone needs money from countries like China. How can we ask money from a country with hard working people when we just like to live as rich?

I find myself in a very difficult position because although I want the best for the eurozone at the same time I realise that in the eurozone we have ben acting quite wrong.

I don’t like a Europe that lives like a rich continent while the hard working Chinese lend us the money! I don’t want this because it is wrong for Europe and is wrong for China! As a European I find ridiculous to live as rich while in fact is the hrad working Chinese population who is paying! This is disgusting! It is disgusting for the people in Europe who want to live as rich with the money from the hard working Chinese and it is disgusting that the Chinese government do not put the money in the hands of its own people!

I do not know but this eurocrisis seems to me the start of the fall of Europe first and then later the US maybe. We have been living above our possibilities.

The only way to fight back the Chinese power is to do as them. But this is too much for us so I can only see the downfall of the West.I hope to be wrong.


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