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It is obvious that if you ask the governments of the different countries of the G20 about the eurocrisis they would tell you that they are worried and that they hope the crisis is solved.
But one thing is to be worried about the situation and the other is that you do something to help the eurozone to save the euro.

All the planet is worried that there is hunger around the planet but this does not mean that the countries stop hunger taking place.

What I mean is that it is not enough to say you are worried about the eurocrisis if you do not do something to help. One thing are words and another are facts.

So yesterday in Paraguay the Portuguese and Spanish president urged the G20 to do something to help ease the crisis.

This is very dramatic to say because now in Spain there are about 5 million people without job and just go outside and ask for help is something that means that the situation is terrible! In some way zapatero seems to be saying to the world: “Hey, we are doing what we are told so that we cut and cut but without a global help we won’t be able to survive”. This is very dramatic and you have to take into account that this is said in Paraguay by the countries that just some years ago were a good place to come for people from South America.

So I wonder what will happen. Should emerging countries help wealthy Europe?

It is weird but living in Europe I always had the feeling to be living in a good place but now I am not so sure. There are things in Europe that make me feel that people form other parts of the planet are better prepared for a future of troubles. In Europe we have too much too loose.

Who know, maybe it is time for Europeans to go to work abroad. If we can of course.

If I was from a country from outside the eurozone I would only lend money to the eurozone in at least one condition: “that the people from the eurozone, in order to return the money, can make the same sacrifices than the people they are getting the money from”. I must say, quite unhappily, that I cannot imagine Europe making such a sacrifice.

In Europe some would be happy to have money from China so that we could continue living as we used too but few people in Europe would work like Chinese do in order to return back the money. So I would not trust much Europe.

Anyway, not all people in Europe find right to live above the real possibilities.

As a European I am sad that Europe is in this situation but if we are poorer because other are less poor then this is good news for a fairer planet.

Let me end that I find disgusting when some politicians in Europe ask for help because if the euro falls then this will affect the world economy. I find this as a blackmail. Politicians in the eurozone should ask for help because we are in a bad situation and we want to be in a better situation. And we must give assurances that people can trust us if they lend us money.



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