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In Catalonia we are ruled from outside: from Madrid. The government in Madrid seems to obey orders from the eurozone. The eurozone seems to do things according to Angela in Berlin. Now, it can happen that not only Catalonia is ruled from Madrid, Brussels and Germany. Now we may add to be ruled from Beijing.

I am sorry but that’s too much. The eurozone is asking money to China. At first I was very enthusiastic about a deal between Europe and China. But now I am not so sure that this a good idea. Donald Trump was the one that make me see that Western countries are becoming too dependent on Chinese lending. It is absurd I find crazy that the US has an enormous debt that ows to the Chinese and that at the same time I want Europe to follow suit.

China is extremely wise, much more wiser than Europe. So each day it is getting riches while Europe is getting poorer. And one way of doing that is lending money to Europe so that we can continue living in our fairy tale.

Thanks to China now we can try to live as if we were still the wealthy part of the world but by doing that what we are really doing is bringing the decline of Europe and of future generations of Europeans.

My only hope is that people in Europe is enough wise to see that if we want to remain wealthy then we should not waste the money as we usd to do.

In fact Europe could have an advantage with respect to China. That we are doing the things first and then they copy us. This means that we could look forward to new ways.

If Europe knows how to play the card then Europe can remain a nice place to live. If Europe just wants to live above its possibilities then it is obvious that’s the start of the end of Europe.

Anyway, not everybody sees the things this way. There are people who welcome Chinese money as I did just some days ago:

Well, to be ruled from Berlin is not the most wonderful thing that can happen to a continent based on democracy but at least I trust Germany and after all we share the euro. But to be ruled by Beijing? Well, some may say that a help from Beijing does not mean to obbey orders from Beijing. Well, maybe not now, but it is opening the door to the Chinese giant. Maybe the dragon won’t enter our homes but it will be looking at us through the windows …

Let me end by remembering that in Syria now there is a murderer killing its people. China and Russia are turning a blind eye. As I said it is not the same to be rules from Berlin that from Beijing.


  1. Arnau Estanyol ⋅

    Yes. The only who don’t gives orders is the Catalan Parliament. In Catalonia everyone rules except the Catalans. We are in this world only to pay the good life of the Spanish people and their amazing high speed trains.

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