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I think it is not a good idea to borrow from China. I think that we should do in Europe is change the way of living. Instead of living in a world where we need cars, we need petrol, we need that and that and that I just think we should just try to have all that is related to technology so that we crate a technological society and we let behind the old world of cars and petrol use that has made Europe much poorer while Saudi Arabia has become rich.
I think that in Europe we should return to a more humble way of living but with the use of new technologies around. We should use less and less electricity but in a more efficient way. We need a technological annd efficient revolution.

In this way we can live being independent from China. To lend money from China to live wating the money buiyng petrol is not the future. It can be the future for China but not for the World and for the health of the planet.

Europe shouls think on the basics. We should retain democracy and a society that is fair and with technology. The only way of Europe to survive is to become a more advanced society. The society of each European having a car, a washing machine, etc should be part of the past. It is time we become less individualistic in order to be able to preserve the independence of Europe!

If China lends us money for us to buy petrol to Saudi Arabia for our cars then this is non-sense as we then are twice dependent!: form the dictatorships of the Golf and the dictatorship of China!

You cannot ask to the Chinese not to have cars because for some of them this is something they never had! But in Europe we have had them for decades. It is time we stop being fools. We are wasting money because each time we buy petrol the money leave Europe. It would be better if each European had a tab or computer instead of a car. We should become a continent of citizens at the top of technology!

Barcelona, for example, is a very beautiful city. But the same city without cars would simply be a paradise. And the money could be spent in better things in without leaving Europe!


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