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The UN headquarters in New York


Today is a good day to see how the news we get cannot be trusted at all. The United Nations have said that today we will be 7 billion humans around the planet and the newspapaers and radios repeat that so that what it is something not true it seems true.

Today we may be 7 billion or not because the UN words are an estimation. But the newspapapers seem more interested in the impact of the news than in the real truth.

Anyway, talking about this estimation of being 7 billion people around (today) I just would like to mention something that old people sometimes say: “we are too many”. When you talk to them about crisis, tragedies, etc they alsways think that the problem is that we are too many. I wonder if this thought was a way for them to understand wars in the past. Or a way that the people who started wars wanted to excuse the war.

In any case here in Europe we seem to have a problem of getting too old and not being many while in other places happens the opposite.

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