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Patience has a limit. These last months a tiny country called Greece has put in danger the currency of millions of Europeans. These last months Europe is bailing Greece and the answer in Greece is just angry protests in the streets. Now, the country where democracy was born will turn to democracy to hold a referendum about the bailout, the euro, etc.
So I imagine that a lot of people in Europe and the rest of the world must be now be quite confused.

This referendum is sure to be part of history because it may end of Europe as it is now. Eurosceptics and dictators around the world maybe are happy. “DEMOCRACY KILLED THE EURO” could be its favourite phrase in the future maybe.

So now we are in a very weird situation in Europe. Calling for a referendum in Greece, Greece is putting the euro in a very bad, bad, bad situation. By holding a referendum now it almost seems as if we could talk versus DEMOCRACY VS EURO or EURO VS DEMOCRACY.

In some way to put democracy in the middle of all this not only puts the euro under threat but it puts under threat the whole European Union.

Do you remember the referendums for the European constitution? That happened some years ago. It was a big failure to Europe because we saw that the Constitution had problems to be ratified.

In some way the problem now is if the euro, the eurozone or the EU can resist referendums from 17 or 27 countries anytime?

Some people maybe worried that in this shock between democracy and the euro the euro could die. Well, I think that would be dramatic but the real problem is that democracy suffers too.

Democracy could suffer because some may say that the reason of the collapse of Europe was democracy while the strength of China came from being a dictatorship. This is very sad but the fact that China is a dictatorship makes that Europe has to compete against a dictatorship and this is affecting Europe.

In Europe we always have been very proud of democracy and in some way I think that Greece was allowed to enter the euro because Greece is just more than a country fro Europe: it is the place where democracy was born!

At the same time in a project of 17 countries, the eurozone, it is very difficult to agree among so many countries. With the Greek referendum you even put the things more difficult because one may say that NOW all the eurozone citizens should also hold a referendum to dcide if they want to pay for a bailout to Greece.

Europe, as it is now, cannot be built if each part holds referendums at any time because this would mean total chaos. So the tragedy of this referendum now in Greece is that it is putting the idea of Europe against the idea of democracy. This is something that the eurosceptics mention quite oft so now I imagine they will be happy.

I think that with this referendum not only the euro as it is dead. This is the death of Europe. And I am afraid that if this happens it could mean even the dead of democracy.

This is terrible. Not only the West has not been able to help bring democracy to China. The dictatorship of China is making Europe to be weak because is made of democracies! If all the world was made of democracies the referendum in Greece would not affect us so much. But if Europe future depends on referendums at any time while China and Russia act in am imperial way then Europe has to suffer a lot.

So, now what should be done?
Well, first of all I think that the rules should be changed.
I am quite happy that the Greek have a referendum to choose their future. But now I want a euro that can survive referendums in any country. We should build a currency that cannot be hijacked by a little country called Greece.

I think that it is time for Europe to get serious. The euro should be a club of serious countries. Greece cheated. One country out. Italy continues governed by a Berlusconi that does not comply with its promises. One country out. And if this is not possible then I just hope that the responsible countries of Europe get out of the euro.

Maybe all the eurozone countries except Greece should leave the euro.

Anyway, I think this is the end of Europe. Fortunately I am not very aware yet.

Whatever it happens in the future I just don’t want to join any new currency with current Greece. Classical Greece gave us democracy. Current Greece cheated on us and killed Europe. The dictators in Beijing must be really happy today.

Today is a sad day. For the first time, I dislike Greece been part of the European Union.Classical Greece was an inspiration for Europe. Current Greece is just a nuisance.



  1. p

    If we vote against, this is because we do not want to live less proud and transform our country into a protectorate. We respect Europe and the Europeans but this bailout package does not save us or them. It only saves the banking system. Please consider the picture you may had for us the last period
    “people who don not work, who are corrupted etc” this is not the truth. There is a corrupted elit, which should be underlined that cooperated very well with Companies around Europe in scandals etc. What ever you may think, we always respect you. Please consider what may force a nation choose a default. Which means practically without food reserves for several months (this happened to Argentina).
    I will vote against, but not against Europe and Europeans, in favor of them. Because I am sure that no one wants a Europe, where countries are treated like protectorates. Is this the Europe you ask us to join? Last but not least, are you surre that Europe didn’t know about Greek Statistics…because I do not overestimate Greek politicians and I do not think that they could cheat so easy…In fact I know that Italy and Belgium had swaps also to enter the Euro. Probably this was a common secret.

    With sincere respect

  2. First of all let me thank you very much to leave a comment because it is very good to know things related to Greece not just from the media but from people!

    I agree with you that Europe has also a lot of blame of what is happening. I remember the years before the euro. I remember that it was always news the things that the different governments were doing in order to comply with low debt, deficit, etc. Then I remember that once we had the euro the countries began to not comply with deficit, debt, etc. The incredible thing is that the first ones not to comply were Germany and France!

    It is obvious that was happened in Greece is not just the blame of the elite of Greece but also the relaxation of the rules in the eurozone.

    In some way I think that the referendum in Greece, even if at first seems a new nightmare for the resolution of the eurocrisis, in fact it could be the answer to the crisis. If Greece votes against the bailout then there is no problem. No money is sent to Athens and the eurozone has more money to solve the problems of other state members. A eurozone of 16 members would follow suit.
    If Greece votes in favour of the bailout then the German taxpayer and other continue paying the bill and Greece can continue being a part of the euro.

    As I am not in Greece I do not know what is better for Greece. But seen from outside it seems to me better to accept the bailout. Why? Because the bailout means a Greece with a terrible situation during maybe a decade but linked to the future of Europe. If Greece does not accept the bailout then Greece could become a place where nobody would want to invest for decades.

    I do not like either that the economic rules in Spain and Catalonia are coming directly from Berlin but I must say that I feel much better being ruled from Berlin than from Madrid. Because I trust a lot the German people. I want my country to become more like Germany. I cannot imagine a better thing than to have a German right way of doing the things and at the same time enjoy the sunny skies of Europe.

  3. Why has Papandreou decided to do this? ?! An ego thing? Papandreou was publicly jeered on Friday, and that may have set him off, basically a way to say to the Greek people: Fine, you don’t like the way things are going, take responsibility for staying in or leaving the euro into your own hands.
    Could it become a referendum for just that? Should we stay or should go?

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