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The Academy of Athens.


Let’s congratulate Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel. I just have read that they are trying to block the sending of 8 billions to Greece that had to arrive now as Greece said that they had only money until November.
I am happy that finally Europe is showing to Greece the facts: whether you accept the austerity meausures or we don’t send you a euro cent more.
It is time that Greece realises that the rest of Europe is losing its patience.
Let’s Greece have a referendum and let them leave the eurozone if they want but let Greece know that no euro is going to be sent to Athens anymore.
I just hope that Greece leaves the eurozone as soon as possible. It is outrageous that the whole Europe tries to help Greece and the answer is to talk about democracy. I feel almost offended by Papandreous. I just would tell him that if all the politicians in Europe were so irresponsible as him it is obvious that Greece would be out of the euro and outside the European Union. Ask people in other eurozone countries if they want Greece inside the euro and continue sending money to Greece and the answer is obvious.

Papandreus has not been honest with Sarkozy and Merkel and he has also acted against states like Italy and Spain. He has lost friendship from the wealthy Europe and also from the Europe that feel related to Greece because of the climate, the sun, etc.

It is ridiculous that Greece remains furthermore in the eurozone: past cheating, violent revolts against sacrifices and unexpected referendums make Greece the ideal state to be out of the euro immediately.

Just some days ago I would have said anything in support of Greece remaining in the eurozone but after Papandreous cannot be trusted I have lost my trust in current Greece. It is crazy to see Sarkozy and Merkel trying to save Greece and then some days later see an irresponsible Papandreous wanting a referendum. I feel that Papandreous has act as a child. Europe needs serious politicians.

The news at LE MONDE in French:


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