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George papandreou


Imagine somebody owes you money. You work and work to find a deal and then this person says OK. Then the next morning he phones you and says that the deal now it is not sure because there should be a referendum inside his family. Well, I do not have nothing against referendums but if I have to be sincere I think that one person that acts in such an expected way does not deserve to be trusted.
I say all this because it seems that a lot of people in Europe are fed up with this crisis. Since the announcememt of Papandreou I have changed my vision about Greece. Until some days ago I would have done anything to defend Greece inside the eurozone. Now after his announcememnt, if I have to be sincere, I think that the eurozone would be a better place without current Greece.

So I think that it would be a good idea for Greece to be out of the euro because cheting, protests and and the referendum are too much for the rest of Europe and the whole planet! It cannot be that a little country damamges so much a whole continent!

Anyway, I have heard voices that say that if the referendum says not to the bailout then Greece should leave the European Union.

And it is that that seems to me not right. I would have no problem for Greece to be put outside the euro right now because it is damaging a common currency. But I don’t want at all Greece to be out of the European Union!

Some weeks ago, before the announcememnt of the referendum, I wrote posts suupporting Greece. I even suggested taxing Greek yoghourt to help Greece. The reason why I want Greece outside the euro is because I think that Greece is damaging the euro. But I don’t want Greece out of the European Union because then Greece would become a very big problem for Europe. I am sure that some Greek could understand that they had to go out of the eurozone because they are damaging the rest but to put them outside the European Union I think it is too much.

The fact that we cannot play with money with Greece currently does not mean that Greece should not remain part of a European friendship called European Union.

When I say that I don’t want Greece inside the eurozone I don’t say that to punish Greece! I say that because current Greece is damaging the rest of Europe and the world! But Greece outside the European Union seems to me outrageous. I will oppose that with all my words!


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