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Picture of Parthenon I took in late afternoon.


I go to a newspaper (the NYT) from outside the eurozone and I find that Greece is the first news of the front page.
This makes me thing that is amazing that such a little country has so much to say currently. We all know that Classical Greece was the place where democracy was born but that happened centuries and centuries ago. Now we see that Greece is again in the hotspot!
Although I am quite angry with the referendum because is damaging my currency I will try to write not just only thinking in my money.
If Greece is now the center of all this trouble is because once upon a time Greece was the birth of democracy. During centuries and centuries Classical Greece has been a special place for philosophers, politicians, etc. If Greece had not brought democracy to the world now Greece maybe would be outside the euro and even outside the European Union.

I am saying all this because I find amazing that what happened more than two thousand years ago in Greece ismaking now Greece be the center of the world again. Unfortunately 2000 years ago Greece was the center for the right reasons. Now the situation is just the opposite.

I do not know what will happen with Greece. I only hope that whatever happens the rest of Europe can forget a bit all the weird things that come from Greece and we help Greek people. As Europeans we cannot allow that there is a European land where its citiziens live as if they lived in a third world country. If Greece leaves the euro I hope that Europe helps Greece to recover in some way.

It is easy to be friend of the wealthy and prosperous countries of Europe but I think we should not forget Greece.

Currently Greece is a land without hope. Maybe Europe follows suit in some years.

Well, I end this post trying to support a bit Greece even if I am angry with Papandreou unexpected referendum. The money should not be the only liaision between Europeans.

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