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I am very worried about the situation related with the euro. I wonder if it is just me or it is just the situation but never in my lefe I have been more worried about the situation in Europe. Until recently Europe had been always a source of stability and prosperity. Now the situation in the eurozone is terrible.

But I am not alone. A lot of other citizens around the eurozone are also worried. I received a lot of visits related to “what happens if the euro collapses”.

So now millions of eurozone citizens share the fear that the euro breaks. But what we do in order to avoid the breaking?
I imagine that when has fear the first thing to do is to spend less so that in case of need you have some moeny left. But by doing this the economy falls.

I have the feeling as if I was inside a big ship. We now that there is a part of the ship that it is full of water. We are afraid that the water reaches other parts of the ship. So around the eurozone and abroad we talk and talk and worry and worry but what we do to avoid the euro breaking?

This is crazy. If you compare the eurozone with most of other parts of the world it is obvious that we live in a much better condition. But the problem is that although we are not starbing we may see that the things are not improving.

I don’t fear another war in Europe like WWII. But I fear something that can be even worse. A chaotic Europe that looks as Somalia where you cannot go to the streets. I fear a Europe that is total chaos. And the real fear is that this can take decades to happen! I am afraid we are entering a dangerous decline of Europe.

Europe is playing with fire. I just wish that most Europeans can remain enough calm to try to solve the situation.

It is terrible but while just some years thousands of people wanted to come to Europe now I have the feeling that maybe I would feel better in other parts of the planet.

It was easy to love Europe when Europe meant wealth and propsperity. It is more difficult to love Europe when it just may mean chaos and tragedy. But I feel I will always love Europe, whatever it happens. I just was born in this part of the planet. For the good things and for the bad things too.


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