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Before the G20 meets in Cannes there will be a meeting between Nicolas Sarkozy, Wolfganf Schäuble, Zapatero and Berlusconi.
Barroso and Van Rompuy. Wolfgang Schäuble is the Finance Minister of Germany. I am sure that Angela Merkel would like to be here but at 10:30 am (CET: time in Cannes, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Brussels, …) well at 10:30 Queen Angela of Europe will be meeting President Barack Obama.
As a lot of people know the big real problem of the eurozone is not Greece but the fact that there is a contagion from the beautiful and little country of Greece to the 3rd and 4th economy of the eurozone: Italy and Spain.
Germany is 1st economy and France is 2nd economy of eurozone so this is a meeting between the first, the second, the third and the fourth economy of the eurozone.

In this meeting one can imagine that Spain and Italy will be told by France and Germany that they should continue reducing its debt at all costs.

As I am writing from Barcelona I am quite interested in knowing what will happen. It may seem a disgrace to be in one of this fourth countries. For German people it must be hard to see that their European dream seems now a nightmare while continuing to pay for the dream. On the other hand to be in Catalonia and suffer austerity measures as 10% cut in health services is not good news. But in any case there is something positive in all this. The positive thing is that now we are living the opportunity to show to the world what we can do.

And I cannot forget my French friend, my Italian friend or my German friend! Yes, at some point of my life I used to see each day a friend from France, a friend from Italy, a friend from Germany and even a friend from Finland! At that time they were in Barcelona. Now I do not know where they are but I know that, as a miracle, we all now share the same currency!

What I mean with this of my friends is that the euro for me is not just a currency. It is a dream come true. And I, personally, I want that my friends in Italy, Germany, France and even in Finland and I continue sharing the same dream. So people in Gemrany and France may know that thre is somebdy in Barcelona who wants to remain in the eurozone. And I am not alone.
Since we entered the European Union we have been receiving millions and millions of euros from the rich countries of Europe. NOW IT IS OUT TIME TO GIVE SOMETHING TO EUROPE. SACRIFICING FOR A COMMON DREAM IS A WAY TO SAY THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT EUROPE HAS GIVEN US.

People in Germany and France should know that they are not alone. People south of the Pyrenees (and I imagine that maybe too south of the Alpes?) want to work together for a strong Europe.

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