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Sculture in the Port of Barcelona, Spain


Until now protests happen normally in the streets and squares of different countries. But today a new kind of protest seems to have been born related to the current OCCUPY movement. A port has been occupied in OACKLAND. It is one of the main ports of the USA.
All this makes me think that if the OCCUPY movement in WALL STREET or the INDIGNADOS in Madrid change the occupation of squares or streets and they begin to occupy strategic places of their countries then we are entering a new chapter.

In Barcelona, for example, the protests always take place in the center of town, but as far as I know no one has tried to occupy the Port of Barcelona.

Maybe this that has happened in Oackland is just an exception but I maybe it is the start of a kind of new protest that leaves the center of towns and goes to strategic places.

Let’s see what happens.

Until now all the protests in the US reminded me the ones we have in Barcelona and Madrid some months ago but now I see that it seems that the protests in the US may be now reaching new goals. I never heard about a port been occupied in the Arab Spring or in any place in Europe.


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