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Our families, the films and the books have told us about a time where there was war in Europe and millions died. All this of the European Union was meant to bring a time of peace for Europe.

But as it seems now that Europe is in one of its most difficult times with the eurocrisis it is easy to think what is next.

One of the easiest things to imagine again is a Europe in war because we know that wars used to be the only common language that Europeans shared during centuries and centuries.

But it is possible a new war in Europe?

Well, it is difficult for me to imagine a Germany that next years just invades Poland. What I mean is that now, whatever it happens, it maybe quite different from past wars.

So, what can happen in Europe?

I have tried to imagine that for months but I cannot see the things clear.

In some way what we may have is a kind of war but without blood.

In a war there is a part that wants to control another part. In Europe this has been done normally by invading another country and with soldiers here and there.

Now Europe, and the world, maybe entering a situation where wars will be taken place through ather means. This does not mean that typical warfare won’t happen in some places of the planet but Europe may enter a situation where we do not kill each other (well, at least we are becoming more civilised!) but where bad feelings emerge between countries.

Some years ago millions of people had a common dream: the euro. Now, 10 years later, millions of people have a common nightmare: the euro.

I think that if we are wise the situation should not be catastrophic. There are people in their lives that sometimes are riches and sometimes poorer but they enjoy their lives in both cases. Maybe we just should adapt to be poorer in Europe.

In Spain that is quite difficult to do because it seems that now we have two kind of people: the one that live like before (but with less pay) and the ones who have lost the house, the job, etc) I think that’s the problem. It should not be such a big problem for a country to be richer and poorer if the wealth or misery was shared.


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