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Some years ago there was an ad from a bier company where you coud read something like 0,0. It was a bier with 0 alcohol.
So now when I read that the last growth of Spain has been 0 I just remember that 0,0 ad.

I do not know which is the situation now in Greece or Italy but I have the sensation that sometimes the news bring a wrong image.
For example, anybody reading news about Spain from abroad may imagine that the situation is very bad.
Well, from the news the situation is bad. But when you go to the street this is what you get:

– The streets are full of cars. So the situation cannot be so bad when people still have money to drive so many many cars.

– The shops are open.

– The supermarkets are not empty.

What I mean is that the situation is bad for Spain but that this is affecting some but not all or not at least in the same way. It is true that there are 20% people without jobs. But 80% have jobs so a lot of people in Spain continue with their normal live. Yes, I imagine that with not the latest car on sell but in any case living a similar live to the one before.

It is strange. It is as if the news and reality were not happening at the same time. Watching the news you would imagine a country with a lot of problems around the streets and that is not (yet) the case.

While I walk through the streets I try to see signs that tell me that all goes worong, but I cannot see them. I see bars full of people, people in their cars, people bying in the shops. This is an image quite far from the one one could have from a country in such a bad situation.

I imagine that the problem is that we hide our myseries. The people without jobs just do not go to the streets to protests. They just remain at home, maybe with some family members that help them. Maybe it is the existence of family ties that is making all this not so bad.

What worries me is that not all people realise the current situation. Since the 1940’s the economy situation in Spain had improved in some way. You look at the cities and each day they were more beautiful. Now, what I fear is that we have entered a bad dynamics so that the next years all goes wrong day by day.

I remeber that just some months ago, when the situation in Spain was quite bad I used to say that that situation was just here. That countries like Germany, for example, were doing quite well. Now, the whole Europe is in a bad situation.

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