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Official portrait of Vladimir Putin


One of the lessons form the eurocrisis has been for me to realise the lack of help from the rest of the world.There are at least three lands that could help solve the eurocrisis and do not seem to do it.


For the USA I imagine it is quite important that Europe does not fall. After all, Europe and the US have in common to be lands where democracy has been important for decades. Unfortunately, the US owes so much debt to China that now US cannot help Europe. Well, we should not blame them. If they needed our help we wouldn’t be able to help either.


Europe and China have one thing in common. They are both at the end of a huge supercontinent: EURASIA. China does not seem to be very willing to send money to the eurozone. Well, I do not blame them. Why should a country with a lot of people still poor be sending money to countries that live in luxury in comparison? I imagine that if China was a democracy maybe Europe would not be in such a bad situation. Tiny democracies cannot compete against a giant dictatorship. I feel like crazy to think that even in the eurocrisis we are still sending millions and millions of euros to China. But I do not blame China. I blame Europe for that.


Some decades ago it was not unsual for some people to have nighmares where a nuclear missile from the Soviet Union just fell in West Europe. So that now, in comparsion, Russia is a much beloved country. But it is obvious that Europe (when I say Europe I mean the European Union the same way that some say America when they mean the US. I apologise for this but nobody is perfect), well the EU and Russia are not in good terms.

I have the feeling as if Vladimir Putin was happy with the eurocrisis. During decades and decades Western Europe was always very proud of itself while back in the Soviet Union they live in a poor way. So, the weaker the EU, the more powerful that Russia may look in the east side of Europe.

I would like to say a reason why Russia should help the eurozone but I feel this is quie difficult. It is just a question of pride.

Anyway, if the EU falls then Russia becomes stronger and with people like Putin I am afraid that democracy, as it is understood in the West, will suffer a lot.


So, the eurozone may fall because the US, China and Russia were not interested in a strong EU.

The only answer I can find to this lack of support is to remain united in the eurozone.


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