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2 euro Portugal


It may seem that the big worry around the world is what happens if the euro collpases but in fact the real big worry is the opposite one. I like to read some British press and they talk and talk about the failure of the euro and so on. The more I read the more I realise that the real worry in London and in New York is not what happens if the euro collapses. In fact the real worry is the opposite: “WHAT HAPPENS IF THE EURO SUCCEEDS?”

They are so worried and so nervous about that possibility that they are doing all they can to try to make the euro collapse. They seem to be very angry because of the eurocrisis but in fact they are worried that the euro may survive the eurocrisis. And it is obvious that if the euro survives then the euro will be a even strnger currency.

And some newspapers in the UK are afraid that the euro may succeed because they know that if that happens then people in the UK won’t have an economic reason not to be part of a succeeding currency.

In some months or years we may see a Europe that is in disarray without the euro and with chaos and mysery here and there. But it is also possible that step by step the euro regains its strength and then some countries have to beg the eurozone to enter.

Because one thing is for me obvious: If the British have the right to choose to opt in or opt out of the eurozone then the eurozone should also have the right to choose, at any time, if the UK can opt in.

Maybe I am wrong but currently I have more trust in the strength of a continent than in the glorious history of an island. Even if the language I am using is the one of this wonderful and amazing island.


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