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There is a very easy way to solve the eurocrisis. The only problem is that the part that could save the euro prefers not to. One solution to the eurocrisis would be for the UK to join the eurozone or at least say they want to. Once that said I am sure that international markets would have more trust in the euro because London, the financial city of Europe, would be part of the euro.

Needless to say the continent would have to offer something to the UK so that the people in Britain could be happy. And I cannot imagine a better gift to the British than to make the English language the official language of the European Union.

As Angela Merkel says it is time for more Europe. Not less. I think that the UK has a unique opportunity to be stronger in the world. A solitary UK in the world of giants like China won’t be much. A UK inside a strong Europe with a strong currency can have a lot of influence.

Currently the English language is already an important language worldwide. But let’s not forget that English is important because of the US mostly.

If the English was the official language of Europe then it would be the British English the official one.

Anyway, Mr Cameron seems to have now other worries. It is quite sad that the current government of the UK cannot see how much the UK could win if just saw other European countries as partners and not as enemies.



  1. I agree with you, that the EU needs more uniting. But, the UK has always been wary of continental europe. We say England was a global power once, and likewise with Spain but both countries had poor military history concerning europe itself in that same time period. France and germany and italy have been more successful in a european military context ,so, england would have to really change its views of itself as aside from the continent if it were to do such a thing. The states dont make it easy either. The states and the uk have become very tight financially and I think that the UK fears becoming a core for europe, because lets be blunt, if the EU was serious Uk and Russia would be in it right now. Remember history, if Napolean had chose some sort of grand peace with the UK and Russia before he went to war with Russia, what we call the EU would only be 3 countries UK, France, and scandanavia. So, europe has never been united from the uk to russia from scandanavia to italy, but if the EU can accomplish thise task where empires couldnt, as merkel said that would be more Europe and the right move

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